Your Life Isn’t Over, A life Is Just Beginning

Abortion ruins a life. It kills babies. And it kills a good story about hope.

God’s grace is sufficient for you too. A positive pregnancy test is never bad news. Pregnancy is always much more of a blessing than a burden. If you get an unplanned or difficult pregnancy, your life isn’t over, a life—your baby’s life—is just beginning.


Imagine for a second that you’re a 27 year old woman. You’re married to a bad husband and bad father. You have one child—a seven year old boy. And you all live in poor conditions in a poor country.

One morning you discover you’re pregnant. And you worry you barely have enough money for yourself, your husband, and your little boy. Now that you’re pregnant, you’re convinced you do not have the means to feed your new baby.

You don’t make a lot of money, and your husband doesn’t make a lot of money either. When he learns you’re pregnant, he becomes frustrated and overwhelmed. He knows what you know. He knows that when the baby is born, life will be even more difficult than it already is.

But you’re confident the two of you, you and your husband, will find a way to persevere.

But one day, your husband packs his bags and carries his items out of the house—leaving you to carry the baby, the boy, and your burdens by yourself.

Remember, you live in a poor country. In this poor country, government assistance isn’t available to you. You’re alone with your seven year old boy and the preborn baby.

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