With Backlash to Extremism, Pro-Lifers Catch Up

Radicalism may provoke a backlash in the conservative direction.

Last month, only 20% of Democrats said they were pro-life.  This month the number has jumped to 34%.  The effect is even greater among young Democrats, those under 45.  Last months, 28% said they were pro-life. Today 47% say that they are pro-life. But even lots of pro-choicers oppose abortion in the last three months of pregnancy, the cause being championed by the pro-abortion extremists. 


Just a few weeks ago, in mid-January, a poll found that 55% of Americans considered themselves to be “pro-choice,” with only 38% “pro-life.”  But according to a new poll today, pro-lifers have completely caught up with the other side. Now 47% of Americans are “pro-life” and 47% are “pro-choice.”

So reports Alexandra Desanctis in her National Review Online post New Poll Finds Huge Shift in Pro-Life Direction.  (Go to that site for links to the various polls.)

Why the sudden mega-shift?

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