Why Is A Central Prayer Gathering In A Church So Important?

Here are some reasons why a prayer meeting is a big deal and worth attending

“People say prayer changes things but the truth is it doesn’t. God changes things.  We live in dependence on a loving heavenly father ‘in him we live and move and have our being’ and that, as a congregation, humbles us. A congregation that makes a priority of praying together can never be proud.”


I expect in your church family your leaders implore you quite often to come to the Central  Prayer Gathering.  It may be that you wonder why they make such a big deal about it. Here are some reasons why it is a big deal and it’s worth being there.

these are written in no particular order!

1. It tells us that God is God – ‘for from him and through him and for him are all things’ (Romans 11:36). You and I were created for God to glorify and enjoy him. We cannot understand ourselves or others until we understand who God is. As we pray together we are acknowledging that basic fact that it is God who rules and reigns; we belong to him and he alone is to be worshipped.

2. It reminds us that Salvation is in God’s hands – 2 Corinthians 4 is one of those foundational passages when it comes to evangelism. We are naturally blind, the god of this age has blinded our eyes, we cannot see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. We preach him as Lord and not ourselves, but it takes an act of almighty God to remove the veil, and so we pray and we call on the name of the Lord.

3. It tells us that we are not on our own – This is so important. It is not just about ‘you and Jesus’. You are in covenant with God but you are also in covenant with his people. As the church we are the body of Christ; we belong together. I struggle to pray on my own very often. I find it easier to pray with others than I do praying on my own. Gathering together with others makes me pray.

4. There is something that unites us together when we pray together – People ask sometimes what is encouraging you in Christian ministry? For me the big one is to hear someone pray for the first time. I am a Westminster Confession believing, card carrying Presbyterian and yet to hear someone pray for the first time makes me want to dance a jig of delight.  As in marriage, those congregations who pray together stay together. You cannot hate your brother while praying with him and for him.

5. The devil hates to see people pray – I don’t really understand this but I know I feel more tired when it’s time to pray. I am one of the most untidy people in the UK and yet I would rather tidy my office than pray at times. Don’t be surprised if on the  days when we are to gather to pray you have more distractions than any other night because the devil hates to see people pray. My suspicion is people are more tired on prayer meeting night than any other!

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