We Will Never Let Our Daughters Die for Us

If someone has to die in battle, it won’t be our daughters. As men of God, it will be us.

Unlike a secular, gender-blurring culture, we honor women and view them in the highest regard. As complementarians, we are committed to the biblical truths that men and women are completely equal in dignity, value, worth, and honor; however, men and women are different in role and function. This–warfare–is a key arena in which we see differences between the sexes, both in terms of calling and design.


This past week, Grant Castleberry reminded us that the Christian worldview stands in direct opposition to women in the draft. Tonight during the GOP Debate, several candidates announced their support for drafting women into the U. S. military.

We at CBMW have a different position on this issue. Let us explain.

This is a Modern Innovation

The narrative of history reminds us that where the gospel has gone, so has the highest view of women. Jesus enfranchised women, making them eyewitnesses to his resurrection. The early church contravened Roman social codes in calling adulterous men to task, and leaving women with agency in such cases. Western men, disproportionately influenced by some form of Christianity, have historically put their lives on the line in combat to protect women and children. No Western society influenced in some way by the Christian worldview has asked women to enter combat in the same way as men.

In addition to western societies, past American military leaders, such as General(s) George Patton and Douglas MacArthur, believed that only men should serve in combat designated positions.

Furthermore, and even recently, we see a difference in combat performance results between men and women. The United States has recently tested women in combat, and they haven’t performed as well in these tests.

Christian Dads Should Never Let Their Daughters Die for Them

It should be said that Christian dads should never allow their little girls to die for them.

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