U.S. Conservative Christians Target 16 Democrats

By Ed Stoddard

WASHINGTON, Sept 19 (Reuters) – Conservative Christians, a key base for the Republican Party, said on Saturday they were targeting 16 Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in the 2010 congressional elections.

Four other Democratic senators and 11 U.S. representatives were on the list, which was released at a summit in Washington of conservative “values voters” who are rallying against President Barack Obama’s agenda.

The mid-term elections will be the first national test for Obama, who has seen his approval ratings fall in recent months as he and his ruling Democratic Party attempted to push through a sweeping overhaul of the healthcare sector.

“We think we have a shot at taking back some seats,” said Connie Mackey, president of FRC Action, the legislative or political arm of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian lobby group which organized the summit.

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