Trusting When I Don’t Understand

Oftentimes, the Lord works in ways we don’t understand.

It’s easy to trust the Lord when he works the way I want him to. It’s easy to trust the Lord when my life seems to be going well. It’s easy to tell others to trust the Lord when they don’t understand. But, the truth is, when I don’t understand what God is doing, trusting him can be one of the hardest commands to keep. 


My son and I enjoy hunting together, and if we have a successful season we have enough meat to feed our family all year. On one occasion, we were walking back to the truck bundled up in camo on a cold night. He said something to me and I quickly snapped back at him. Later, I lay in bed and thought about my reaction. I tried to figure out the source of my frustration and realized it was due to some struggles I was facing and what seemed like a barrage of unanswered prayers.

I thought about recent prayers where I had pleaded with God to work. They weren’t selfish prayers, just requests to God to correct prevalent evil or work in situations where people were suffering. Why wasn’t God working? Why hadn’t he swooped down and righted the wrongs I was praying against? Why hadn’t he delivered?

The most natural answer is that there must be something wrong with me. Perhaps I wasn’t believing enough, or maybe it’s some sin in my life.

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