Top 50 Stories on The Aquila Report for 2018: 41-50

Numbers 41-50 of the top 50 articles for 2018

In keeping with the journalistic tradition of looking back at the recent past, we present the top 50 stories of the year that were read on The Aquila Report site based on the number of hits. We will present the 50 stories in groups of 10 to run on five lists on consecutive days. Here are numbers 41-50.


In 2018 The Aquila Report (TAR) posted over 3,000 stories. At the end of each year we feature the top 50 stories that were read. The top story this year received 11,590 hits.

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In keeping with the journalistic tradition of looking back at the recent past, we present the top 50 stories of the year that were read on The Aquila Report site based on the number of hits. We will present the 50 stories in groups of 10 to run on five lists on consecutive days. Here are numbers 41-50.

  1. (Tie)

Revoice: Sliding into Heresy [Updated]

The definition of non-sexual gayness emerging at Revoice is theologically problematic since (with a great deal of theological ignorance) it creates a third category of human sexuality, denying the biblical, ontological principle of distinctions (what I call Twoism). God is separate from his creation and has placed distinctions in his creation, one of which is the male/female distinction. Whenever we lose sight of distinctions, liberalism quickly follows.

Reasons to Defeat Overtures 10, 12 and 17 at the 46th PCA General Assembly

Over the PCA’s 46 year history, hundreds of churches have chosen to withdraw from the PCA for a variety of reasons. BCO 25.8-11 makes it abundantly clear that the PCA, from its inception, chose to enshrine in its Constitution the principle of granting congregations full rights over their own property and the liberty to choose their ecclesiastical affiliation. The intent of this principle in BCO 25 was not only to give liberty of property and affiliation to local congregations, but also intended to prohibit higher courts from imposing any unwarranted burdens on them. This promise is stated as a “solemn covenant” between the PCA and its member churches.

  1. A Summary of PCA Statements on Homosexuality

In light of recent decisions by some denominations to approve ordaining openly homosexual individuals to the ministry, to allow ministers to officiate and bless same-sex marriages, and because of the public debate on legalizing same-sex marriages, it is appropriate to note that not all denominations have taken these actions. And since one of these denominations in the news recently is “Presbyterian,” it is important to note that there are a number of Presbyterian denominations and that not all of them have taken the above actions. One of these churches is the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Here is a brief overview of actions on sexuality of past PCA General Assemblies.

  1. Resolution on the Doctrine of Justification Adopted by the Bible Presbyterian Church

Meeting in Lakeland, Florida on August 2-6, 2018, the General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church unanimously adopted the following statement on the doctrine of justification. This statement aims to clarify the clear and consistent doctrine of justification by faith as provided in the Westminster Standards over against the recent teaching of non-confessional evangelicals such as John Piper and others who create an intolerable division within the doctrine of justification itself. 

  1. The Slow Killing of Congregational Singing

A few years ago I wrote an article entitled, ‘The Slow Death of Congregational Singing’ (The Briefing, April 2nd, 2008). I now believe my title was too generous. In fact, what we are witnessing in our churches is ‘The Slow Killing of Congregational Singing’. I’ve just returned from another National Christian conference. Never have so many people complained to me about the singing. So, I am motivated to write again. Or, to use a more appropriate metaphor, to bang the same drum—but louder.

  1. Adults Who Went Undercover At A High School Found 7 Things People Don’t Realize About Life For Teenagers Today

“What I saw going back to high school, more than anything, was an alarming disconnect between teenagers and adults today,” Feldman told Business Insider. “There’s just a growing disconnect. Most adults don’t have any clue what teenagers are going through today.” He continued: “They are craving for adults to understand them and see them for who they are and the struggles they are facing. I don’t think teachers and parents, respectfully, understand what they are facing.”

  1. 11 Classics Every Christian Should Read

Knowing God by J.I. Packer: This longstanding, top-rated book walks Christians into the beauty, glory, and joy of knowing God—both intellectually and intimately. We need to know things about God in order to know God, just like how we know things about our spouse in order to continue to sustain a meaningful and healthy relationship. Packer shows us that all Christian theology is practical, devotional, and worshipful.

  1. Elevation Church – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The trouble is that these churches are so massive and wealthy that they can afford to send their pastors all over the world, exporting their dodgy theology and even dodgier ecclesiology.  I have a suspicion that much of the health and wealth teaching which is plaguing much of the church in Africa, Asia and South America is primarily an export from the US, with perhaps a little help from Europe, (all in the name of ‘spreading the gospel’).  It’s mainly a forlorn appeal but can we say to the mega churches – please stop it!

  1. Reflections from Inside the Overtures Committee at the 46th PCA General Assembly

The PCA General Assembly voted to propose that BCO 59-3 be given constitutional authority and amended it to read: “Marriage is only to be between one man and one woman (Gen. 2:24-25; Matt. 19:4-6; 1 Cor. 7:2), in accordance with the Word of God. Therefore ministers in the Presbyterian Church in America who solemnize marriages shall only solemnize marriages between one man and one woman.” This proposal must be approved by 2/3 of the PCA Presbyteries to take effect.

  1. How Orthodox Presbyterians Became PCA

In other words, the consequences of Reformed ecumenism from the 1970s and 1980s were having consequences for all of the players — the CRC, OPC, and PCA. Where Presbyterians went, their forms of association, and their understanding of the church were factors in the witness they embraced.

  1. Central Carolina Presbytery Votes to Form a Study Committee to Explore Implications Arising From the Revoice Conference

WHEREAS, taking these various troubling and problematic views held by those in key positions of leadership for the conference into account, these unbiblical viewpoints and teachings also then appeared to make their way into many of the breakout sessions as well, which had titles such as “Redeeming Queer Culture: An Adventure,” “Journey To Embrace: A Conversation On Empowering the Church To Embrace the LGBT+ Community In Fresh Ways,” and “Coming Out In the Shadow of the Cross: Queer Visibility as Redemptive Suffering.”