Top 50 Stories on The Aquila Report for 2014: 11-20

Numbers 11-20 of top 50 articles for 2014

In keeping with the journalistic tradition of looking back at the recent past, we present the top 50 stories of the year read on The Aquila Report. That’s easy for us to determine – we just count the hits! We will present the 50 stories in groups of 10 to run and the five lists on consecutive days. Here are numbers 11-20.


In 2014 The Aquila Report posted over 3,300 stories. At the end of each year we feature the top 50 stories that were read. The top story this year had over 11,200 hits.

We average 9 new stories each day, with a variety of subjects – all of which we trust are of interest to the readers of The Aquila Report. As a web magazine we are an aggregator of news and information that we believe will provide articles that will inform the church of current trends and movements within the church and culture.

In keeping with the journalistic tradition of looking back at the recent past, we present the top 50 stories of the year. That’s easy for us to determine – we just count the hits! We will present the 50 stories in groups of 10 to run and the five lists on consecutive days. Here are numbers 11-20.

  1. Staying PCA: A Confessionalist’s Counterpoint to Webb’s 5 Reasons

It is better to be involved, dialogue, and work towards good ends rather than agitating to leave the denomination. The PCA is not at, or even extremely close to, a point where I am wanting to leave. This is not to predict the future that such a time may come in 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years. But that time is not now.

  1. 13 Differences Between the PCA and the PCUSA

There used to be significant theological differences between the PCA’s and PCUSA’s theology of worship. These difference still exist on paper even though they no longer exist in practice. The PCA confesses that all of our worship should be directed only by the Bible, while the PCUSA states that worship should be an amalgam of Bible, culture, feeling, and tradition.

  1. Former Mars Hill Church Pastors Bring Formal Charges Against Mark Driscoll

My impression is that these matters have been raised repeatedly and are a part of the concerns which animated Acts 29 Network to take action. Clearly, Rev. Driscoll and Mars Hill leadership are under fire and I will post any response to my request for their side of things if they reply.

  1. Republication: A Doctrinal Controversy Four Decades in the Making

Given the history and developments of this raging debate concerning Reformed covenant theology, we can now fairly say that the two principle disputants are Gaffin (representing a radical revision of John Murray’s teaching) and Meredith G. Kline (representing historic, mainstream Reformed federalism, espoused from the time of the Reformation to the present).

  1. What Did the OT Writers Know? Another Controversy Erupts at WTS

All this raises uncomfortable questions about the future of WTS. The institution that I attended in the 1980s was one in which Ray Dillard and Dick Gaffin and Sinclair Ferguson and Harvie Conn and Tremper Longman and Vern Poythress and Philip Edgcumbe Hughes and Clair Davis and Robert Knudsen and Tim Keller and Roger Greenway and Manny Ortiz and Rick Gamble could get along and work together despite their sometimes considerable differences. That institution is now apparently gone. Of course, nothing stays the same, and perhaps a new context and new challenges demand that lines be drawn more narrowly.

  1. Five Questions for Christians Who Believe the Bible Supports Gay Marriage

As far as you are concerned, you haven’t rejected your evangelical faith. You haven’t turned your back on God. You haven’t become a moral relativist. You’ve never suggested anything goes when it comes to sexual behavior. In most things, you tend to be quite conservative. You affirm the family, and you believe in the permanence of marriage. But now you’ve simply come to the conclusion that two men or two women should be able to enter into the institution of marriage–both as a legal right and as a biblically faithful expression of one’s sexuality. Setting aside the issue of biblical interpretation for the moment, let me ask five questions.

  1. Skip Ryan Resigns from Park Cities PCA and Redeemer Seminary

The remorse, regret, sadness, and burden of my failures are not mine alone. I have profoundly hurt my family and you, my church family, and I have betrayed your trust again. I am so deeply sorry that I have failed to be the Christian my teaching has suggested I am.

  1. An Open Letter to Duggar Defenders

The Duggars are part of a very specific subculture of the Christian homeschooling world, one dominated by leaders like Doug Phillips of Vision Forum and Bill Gothard of ATI, whose incredibly restrictive teachings and controlling practices have earned them the adjective “cult-like.” These organizations and leaders teach that children must be trained to obey their parents completely, without question, and with a smile; that women are not to have careers and that daughters should be actively discouraged from considering such; that adult daughters must continue to obey their fathers and must marry through parent-controlled courtships; that college attendance is problematic for children of either gender but especially for girls; and that marrying and having large numbers of children is the only godly path available.

  1. PCA Minister Terry Traylor Called Home to Glory

Rev. Terry O. Traylor, 64, a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, died on Thursday, December 12, 2013 of an apparent heart attack. Terry had served as the Senior Pastor of New Life PCA in Glenside, Penn., a suburb of Philadelphia, until September. He left that position to become a Church Planting Coordinator with the PCA’s Mission to North America (MNA).

  1. Update Regarding Doug Phillips

The Elders of Boerne Christian Assembly have moved to excommunicate Doug Phillips from the Body of Christ. In doing so, we have sought in good faith to follow diligently the process set forth by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 18:15-17. This has been a process in which BCA has demonstrated great longsuffering and patience, has offered many and earnest appeals, and has sought much counsel from men of other churches.