Top 50 Stories on The Aquila Report for 2017: 1-10

Numbers 1-10 of the top 50 articles for 2017

In keeping with the journalistic tradition of looking back at the recent past, we present the top 50 stories of the year that were read on The Aquila Report site based on the number of hits. We will present the 50 stories in groups of 10 to run on five lists on consecutive days. Here are numbers 1-10.


In 2017 The Aquila Report (TAR) posted over 3,000 stories. At the end of each year we feature the top 50 stories that were read. The top story this year had over 11,600 hits.

TAR posts about 8 new stories each day, on a variety of subjects – all of which we trust are of interest to our readers. As a web magazine TAR is an aggregator of news and information that we believe will provide articles that will inform the church of current trends and movements within the church and culture.

In keeping with the journalistic tradition of looking back at the recent past, we present the top 50 stories of the year that were read on The Aquila Report site based on the number of hits. We will present the 50 stories in groups of 10 to run on five lists on consecutive days. Here are numbers 1-10.

  1. Critical Race Theory, RTS, and SBTS

It is not inference or implication that “Critical Race Theory” strongly influences the thinking of Dr. Willams and Mr. Tisby. One can draw a straight line from “Critical Race Theory” to the way these man look at race, culture, politics, society, and the particular form of society that is the church. It is impossible to miss the reality that when they speak about racial reconciliation within the church they are borrowing the language of “Critical Race Theory.”

  1. A Plea to My Fellow PCA Pastors

If you love Anglicanism by all means be an Anglican. I know some wonderful Anglican brothers and sisters. If you desire to ordain women then transfer to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) or Reformed Church in America (RCA). They will happily allow you to do that. But out of respect for the sacred vows you took, your fellow presbyters, and the flock you oversee do not seek to change the PCA into something it is not.

  1. Transgenderism Comes to the PCA?

How can there be multiple conflicting views that are all in accord with Scripture?  By condoning multiple practices and views, the committee does not clarify and allows those who would undermine the church’s standard to continue to practice without any constraint. It is difficult to address aberrant views and practices since those who have them will declare themselves to be orthodox.  The committee has failed to draw any clear lines of demarcation and thus has given license to those who would not follow our standards. All too often toleration of many things becomes the toleration of everything..

  1. Saying Farewell to the ESV

After a flurry of articles and blog posts, Crossway announced that the 2016 ESV text would not be permanent. While many were relieved to read this, some of us noted that nothing was said about the controversial change to Genesis 3:16 and 4:7. Would that be changed? To date, nothing has been said regarding changing these passages back. I know that published text takes time to be changed. As such, I expected that the ESV Bibles published last year would reflect the “contrary to” translation. And they do. This includes the big six-volume ESV Reader’s Bible.

  1. 10 Pastors You Should Have MAJOR Concerns About

I’m concerned about the pastor who makes growing the church the goal instead of glorifying God the goal. There is no biblical mandate for growing the church. Sure, there is one for propagating the gospel and making disciples. But the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. There is nothing in Scripture, except pride, that drives pastors to drive the flocks they are supposed to be tending.

  1. Worship in the PCA in 2017

I wish that 40 years ago when I joined the PCA that the denomination’s elder statesmen had raised their voices warning those of us who came into Presbyterianism from other traditions, be they Baptist (as in my case), Lutheran, Anglican, or Pentecostal, that it was not for us to remake the church in accord with our own background and preferences. I recall trying to persuade stuffy Anglicans and Presbyterians to loosen up and sing “Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You,” and “Father, I Adore You.” I might also have tried to import the altar calls and gospel songs of my childhood and youth. I wish that we all had been counseled to respect the regulated worship culture of international Calvinism and conform to it for at least a decade or two, so that we might learn to love its distinctive strengths.

  1. Report of The PCA Committee On Women Serving In The Ministry Of The Church

When the PCA began, North American society was in flux on the issue of women’s roles. Today, the society is settled on the full inclusion of women in every sphere. This presents us with a challenge and opportunity. In this moment, we need positively and persuasively to make the case for biblical complementarity in the home and church, showing that it is true, good, and beautiful. At the same time, we want actively and unhesitatingly to pursue and equip the women of the church for every biblical role of service open to them. This then is the aspiration of the report we offer.

  1. National Partnership Prepares for PCA General Assembly

There has, in the past five years, been a decidedly gracious movement in our denomination, and you have much to do with this. Crucial votes and Issues that matter most to us, along with Committees that are populated with likeminded people and a movement toward less stridency and a more diverse and outwardly focused and gracious denomination are organically bound to our willingness to fight and vote until the fabric of the PCA better reflects what we hope…. Once again at GA we will organize a ‘real time on-the-floor,’ vote-by-vote running Facebook Messenger conversation – more to come on this. 

  1. Christ Covenant Church Calls Reverend Kevin DeYoung as Senior Pastor

In addition to his primary responsibility as senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church, DeYoung has also been named Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, beginning June 1, 2017. He was formerly a Chancellor’s Professor for the Seminary. In his new role, De Young will be a residential, voting member of the faculty and teach several courses during each year.

  1. And the number one story on The Aquila Report for 2017 with over 11,600hits:
    Iain D Campbell Accused By His Wife Of Having Affairs With Seven Church Members, Hanged Himself

The Free Church of Scotland, often referred to as the ‘Wee Frees’, is investigating while the accused women are understood to be instructing lawyers to help declare their innocence. Dr Campbell was a leading light in the church – which has strict teachings on the sanctity of marriage and ethics of suicide – in Stornoway.