This Is Your Wake-Up Call

Years of ignoring the law of God in favor of what feels good in the moment has resulted in inhuman consequences.

For decades, a woman’s “right to choose” has been an idea, a rallying cry, even the law in America. But what most Americans have failed to realize it that abortion is not an idea; it is flesh and blood upon a table, a heart that is beating one moment, then stopped the next. We’ve let each woman do what is right in her own eyes, and when she kills her own offspring, we say she has made a “courageous choice.”


On December 13, 2012, the liver of a male infant at 17 weeks gestation was mailed from San Jose, California, to Massachusetts. The baby’s brain was sent to Stanford, same day delivery.

On January 10, 2013, the liver of a baby at 16 weeks gestation was sent via FedEx from San Jose to Colorado. The same day, the liver of an 18-week male was overnighted from San Jose to Placerville. All of these packages had tracking numbers….

We already knew that Planned Parenthood kills babies. The abortions that end lives are the true tragedies, not the disposal of body parts. Nevertheless, the shocking fact that clinicians dismember babies and mail their organs across the country has led to a national debate about abortion, even prompting self-doubt among some abortion supporters. This is not the first time that a needed wake-up call has been delivered by a gruesome mailing.

Israel’s Grisly Parcels

If I had to pick the most horrifying story in the Bible, Judges 19 would win my vote hands down. Brace yourself while I give a quick recap of the story.

A Levite man travels from Bethlehem to Ephraim and needs a place to spend the night. He chooses to stay in Gibeah, in the land of the Benjaminites, because he thinks he will be safest surrounded by other Israelites. He’s wrong. In the night, a gang of men start beating on his host’s door, demanding that he send the Levite out so they can rape him. To placate the lustful mob and save himself, the Levite sends out his concubine (a kind of common-law wife). The crowd beats and rapes the concubine all night long. When the Levite, who has apparently slept through the night, comes out in the morning, he finds her collapsed on the threshold of the door, dead. The Levite proceeds to cut up the body of the woman into 12 parts. He sends the parts to all the tribes of Israel. The people who receive them, shocked with revulsion, exclaim, “Such a thing has never happened or been seen from the day that the people of Israel came up out of the land of Egypt until this day; consider it, take counsel, and speak”(Judges 19:30).

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