This is Your Time (God Has a Plan and Purpose to Every Season of Your Life Under Heaven)

Learn to apply Psalm 31:15 in tranquility: My times are in thy hand.

Whatever the case, recognize the season and that it is God’s appointed time for you.  Resolve to live within it and live it with purpose and peace.  And realize that just like America’s winter is Brazil’s summer so your seasons of life overlap with others but do not always correspond. One man’s spring blossoms during another man’s icy winter.  Respect your brethren’s seasons and receive your own trusting that, The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore (Psalm 121:8).


What season did we recently enter?  Spring. What comes next? Summer. Then what? Fall. Then what? Winter. And then?  Spring. And so on until Christ’s Second Coming. The year’s seasons are cyclical—and somewhat predictable.  So the seasons of our years should not surprise us but rather inspire our adaptability, acceptance, and appreciation.

All seasons of life until eternal life are part of living out God’s plan for our lives.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 reads, To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  Notice the repetition of “every” as well as “time”: “season” is a Hebrew word that is literally “appointed time”.  Christian, as the world turns, turns, and turns with everything, know that not one detail or second of your life is without purpose.

“Season” figuratively expresses the changing stages of our lives as the way of life as we know it according to how God has arranged them.  Sometimes we have unusually long winters—other periods, especially beautiful summers. But they are all scheduled phases that shift through their opposites over time, as verses 2-8 testify.

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