The Utmost Importance of the Bible

Like our Lord, then, let’s be people of the Book.

We must relate to God his way: through his written, authoritative word. The Bible is of utmost importance because if we lose it, we literally lose God. Jensen described this well above; we must grasp what’s at stake here.


God created the universe by his word (Genesis 1), then he ruled Adam and Eve by his word (Genesis 2), and when the first sin came, it was not merely rebellion in doubting God, it was rebellion in doubting God’s word (Genesis 3). As Peter Jensen, in his book At the Heart of Universe, writes,

“The serpent of Genesis 3 cast doubt upon the word from the beginning, and the actual disaster was a mutiny against the rule of God in his word” (86)

The problem of the world and our hearts (also known as “sin”) is a continual mutiny against God (see Romans 1:18-32), but even more specifically it is “a mutiny against the rule of God in his word.”

When this same God, therefore, planned and accomplished a redemption for this fallen world, it should come as no surprise that his word remained central. Throughout the Old Testament he calls and saves his people through his written word. Then when he himself arrives incarnate on the scene, he upholds the written word. (Jesus had many disputes with the Pharisees and religious Jews of the day, but one thing they all agreed on was the importance of the word of God.)

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