The Uniqueness of Christian Parenting

Here are some of the things that make Christian parenting a unique thing in this fallen world

There is something wonderfully unique about Christian parents. Christian parents seek to maintain a counter-cultural flavor even as we seek to prepare our children for entrance into that culture as fully-functioning adults. They seek to prepare their children for life on earth at the same time as they are seeking to prepare them for life in heaven. Christian parents see their children as a gift given to them and also as a stewardship to be respected.

They are “our children” and yet we also recognize that they belong to another–namely to their Heavenly Father. Christian parenting is an odd endeavor and Christian parents are a rare breed. Here are some of the things that make Christian parenting a unique thing in this fallen world:

1. Christian parents seek to love their children but not worship them.

·       They have our hearts, but they cannot dominate our souls. We live for God, not for our children.

2. Christian parents seek to instill morals but not mere morality.

·       Outward conformity is not our aim. We long to see their hearts changed and renewed in the Lord.

3. Christian parents seek to uphold a standard but do not seek perfection.

·       Even as we point them to the Law of God, we know that they will fail time and again. God’s grace is lavished upon us, we should lavish grace upon them.

4. Christian parents long to see their children succeed but not according to worldly standards.

·       Success in our eyes differs from success in the world’s eyes. The success that fills our souls with delight is spiritual above all else.

5. Christian parents look to their children’s future but not to one that is merely here on earth.

·       As we raise our children, we are training them for eternity. We have our eyes on eternity and are seeking to set their eyes on eternity.

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