The Promised Prophet

Jesus is the prophet promised in Deut. 18 who declares the truth about our sin and proclaims the good news of hope and salvation!

Peter argues that this promised prophet is Christ (Acts 3:19-26). Our Lord Jesus himself claimed to be such a prophet (Luke 13:33) who spoke the words of God (John 14:10; 12:49-50; Matt. 7:29). Not only did he claim to be a prophet, but he fulfilled his prophetic role “in all His teaching: His teaching concerning God, the Father; His exposition of the law in the Sermon on the Mount; in all He told us of God’s love, of God’s gracious purpose, of His nature and His person.


The Old Testament is filled with stories of men and women that God used in powerful ways. Who can forget the miraculous way God raised up the prophet Moses and used him to deliver the people from Egyptian bondage? Who can forget the great victories God brought about through King David and his armies?

Yet, as great as a prophet as Moses was, God promised to raise up another like him (Deut. 18:15) who would actually be greater (Heb. 3:1-6). As great of a king as David was, God promised to send a king from David’s line who will reign forever (2 Sam. 7:12-13). As hard as it would be to imagine a prophet like that or a king that significant, it’s even harder to imagine these promises would be filled in the same person. This promised royal prophet would also be a great high priest (Hebrews 4:14-5:10) whose sacrifice would render the entire OT sacrificial system obsolete (Hebrews 10:1-18).

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