The Overgrown Tree of False Theology

As men look to this tree for wisdom, they receive superstition rather than revelation.

The only way that we can turn away from this tree is through the Word of God and the means of grace that the Lord Jesus Christ provides for growth in true theology. The Word of God must fill our minds and our hearts, and that must be with more awe and more reverence than that which the tree captures the imagination.


Imagine a tree “run riot into three very large and overgrown branches.” The tree is ancient and gnarly with a large trunk and a canopy that fills the sky. It is impressive to behold, much more revered than the tall trees of California or the ancient oaks that sparsely populate the eastern seaboard. Men and women from all over the world come–and have come–to this tree to learn of perceived-wisdom; to hear answers to questions as old as time itself. The tree dispenses knowledge and perceived-wisdom and men and women in turn share that wisdom with the world around around them.

People bring their big questions to the ancient tree seeking answers:

Who is God?
What is man?
What is man’s problem?
How can man be made right?
What is the purpose of life?
How will it all end?

The old tree, with its three overgrown branches, dispenses its wisdom day and night.

As magical as it sounds, the tree that dispenses wisdom to the world appropriates falsehood and lies.

The tree is the tree of false theology.

Franciscus Junius (1545-1595) describes false theology as a tree, appreciated by the world, providing both philosophical and popular theology to the masses.

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