The Great Toilet Paper Run of 2020

The confidence of our secular culture is all smoke and mirrors.

Maybe we’ll get to laugh at the Great Toilet Paper Run of 2020.  Or maybe shake our heads in twenty years time, still aghast at the Great Coronavirus Plague of 2020.  Time will tell. The cracks in our culture are sitting there, the fear of the unknown, the so many “what ifs” that go around our heads, but which we keep to ourselves. Perhaps it would be a good time to speak about them.


It will become known as The Great Toilet Paper Run of 2020.

And we’ll laugh about it next week.

Unless it becomes The Great Coronavirus Plague of 2020.

And the history books will record it for years to come.

Wanna toss a coin on it?

It’s amazing how skittish people are in the modern Western world.  We watch apocalyptic Netflix series after apocalyptic Netflix series from the comfort of our beds, snacking on chips and chocolate.

And we think, “That could never happen.“

Or could it?

A virus that’s fairly, well fairly, virulent, gets up a head of steam, and the confidence drains from us faster than [FILL IN THE BLANK].

There’s a thin veneer of confidence in the Western world that is completely untested by any major traumatic event that sweeps all before it.  Oh I know we think climate change, but no one’s really thinking about that at the moment, are they? After all, the fires are out. For the moment.

No, we’re thinking about toilet paper. Or the lack of it. Or we are thinking about coronavirus. And the presence of it.

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