The Gospel According to Pinterest

If I subscribe to the gospel according to my Pinterest feed, I will feel compelled to do these things in order to save myself and my family.

My salvation does not rest on whether I feed my family a gluten-free, paleo, vegan, organic diet. My salvation is not found in making my own laundry and dishwasher detergent. My salvation is not earned by decking the halls of my home for every season. Pinterest has given me some wonderful recipes and household tips that have blessed my family. Yet I must remember that my salvation is in Christ, and in Him alone.


It seems I’m always one step away from being completely overwhelmed by social media. I’ve purged my Twitter and Instagram feeds and I’ve radically altered my Facebook settings. These changes have made social media more enjoyable for me. I can better process what I see. I don’t feel as if I’m dodging a barrage of words and images being hurled at me at lightning speed.

Pinterest is another story.

When I first created my account, I thought Pinterest was a wonderful idea. All those recipes, craft projects, and tips conveniently saved for later perusal. But “later” hardly ever came, until last week. 500+ pins, all testifying to my insatiable need to be better.

  A better cook.

A better decorator.

A better homemaker.

A better reader.

A better student of the Bible.

Projects I will never tackle, recipes I will never cook, and homemade cleaning solutions I will never try – they all mocked me horrendously. Staring at all the amazing things other women are doing, I felt ashamed.

Ashamed that I’m not making my own lotion and keeping my husband from the numerous toxins lurking inside the store-bought bottle on our bathroom counter.

Ashamed that I’m not making everything from scratch and protecting my family from the myriad dangers of harmful pesticides and GMOs. Not to mention the money I could be saving.

Ashamed that I’m not making my own gifts or wrapping paper to show my friends how much I truly care about them.

Ashamed that I’m not reading more books or participating in the latest revolutionary Bible study methods.

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