Sabotage Sanctification

Backwards and downwards is the strategy.

Tell them how unworthy they are and that they need to be far more holy if they intend for Him to listen to them. Encourage a sense of unease about their relationship with Him and the idea that to gain His favor, they need to obey a little more. Uncertainty about their relationship with Him will make your task so much easier. And when they fall, suggest to them the impossibility of recovery.


It is a rule of our kingdom that you should make it a top priority that our Enemy’s followers not become like Him in any way. They talk about having been made free of their kingdom’s law, but you must ensure that they take it to its extreme. Push the envelope as far as you can. Encourage them to cross every boundary. Find out where their weak spots are and massage these carefully and often. It has proven best to do this whenever they least suspect it. Encourage them to “be themselves,” and if they have any hint of remorse, simply whisper in their ears that it’s just who they are and urge them to continue. If they prove resistant, try creating a feeling that our Enemy doesn’t mind an occasional transgression so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

If, on the other hand, they are persistent in becoming like Him, push them as hard as you can in the opposite direction. We often find that they are hardwired to legalism. Point out the minutiae of laws and make sure they become obsessed with the details. Encourage them to make up new laws. Suggest to them how good they are, or better still, how much better they are than His other followers. Encourage them to point out the lack of obedience in other followers. Pride lies just below the surface and is easily accessible even for a novice demon.