Remainder of Actions of the ARP Synod – Thursday (June 10, 2010)

Principle Actions of Synod concerning Erskine College and Seminary have been previously posted (see This story includes a report of all other actions from Thursday, June 10

Vice Moderator, The Rev. Robert E. (Rob) Patrick, III, gaveled the meeting of the 2010 ARP Synod at 8:30AM on Thursday, June 10, 2010. Once again the Bonclarken gym proved to be a comfortable (read air conditioned) location in which to meet.

The opening worship service was led by the Rev. Paul Mulner of Tryon, NC. He preached a sermon Acts 1:6-8 on the theme that the Kingdom of God comes into being through the Spirit-guided, faithful preaching of the Gospel throughout the world.

Report of the Moderator’s Committee on Memorials was scheduled to be the first act of business. However, due to the complexity of one of the Memorials, the report was postponed until copies could be made available

Nominations for Moderator
The floor was then opened for nominations for Moderator. The first nominee was The Rev. Andrew K. (Andy) Putnam, pastor of Tirsah ARP Church near Rock Hill, SC. Andy has been the Parliamentarian of the Synod for the past 15 years.

The second nominee is a member of one of the newer Presbyteries, the Rev. Jeffrey J. Kingswood in Woodstock, Ontario (Canada).

There being no additional nominations, they were closed. The actual vote was scheduled to take place during the report of the Nominating Committee later in the day.

A motion from the floor was made to refer the process for election of Moderators to the Commission to Revise the Form of Government. A point of order was made stating that the procedures are included in the Rules of Synod so the first motion was ruled out of order. It was then moved to refer the matter to the Executive Board of the General Synod for report to the 2011 Synod concerning any possible change to the Rules of Synod. By standing vote, the motion passed 216-72.

Report of Committee on Memorials
Copies of the memorials having arrived, they were distributed and the delegates were given time to read them.

The first memorial to be considered came from Second Presbytery and asked that ‘The General Synod inquire of the Board of Trustees of Erskine College and Seminary and seek explanation of the admission of Jews, Mormons and Muslims to Erskine Seminary.”

The Moderators Committee recommended that the memorial be adopted. By voice vote the memorial was adopted.

The Committee also recommended that General Synod require the Board of Trustees to report a response to the memorial to the 2011 Synod. The Committee also recommended that the General Synod ask that the Board’s response include rational for the inclusion of non Christians in the DMin program. These two additional recommendations were also passed.

The second memorial came from Catawba Presbytery asked that “the Synod, acting immediately through its Executive Board, asks the board of Erskine College and Seminary in the spirit of brotherhood to commit itself voluntarily to a process by which the concerns expressed in the ongoing debate and discussion with regard to the Board might be addressed, and present proposed changes to the 2011 meeting of General Synod.”

The Moderators Committee on Memorials recommended that the memorial not be approved. After a lengthy period of discussion, the motion to approve the Memorial failed on voice vote.

The next item of business concerned Erskine and was reported in the previous story. That business filled the remainder of the morning, and the Synod then was recessed for lunch.

Committee on Nominations
After a brief devotional the Moderator called for the orders of the day and brought to the floor the Committee on Nominations to present their report.

A motion was made to approve the slate presented by the Nominating Committee. (Details of the slate will be made available as soon as possible.)

One amendment was offered to replace one name nominated for the Erskine Board with a different name, but the motion lost on a voice vote.

An additional motion was made to replace four names on the slate presented for the Erskine Board of the nominating committee with four new names. Several amendments were made resulting in the following proposal:
Replace Ann Marie Tribble, Andrew Putnam, and Tim Watson
With William Anderson, James Mitchell, and Steven Suits

After the afternoon recess, the vote was taken on the motion to replace and the motion failed.

The Synod then returned to the motion to approve the Nominating Committee slate. Without further discussion the slate was approved.

After completion of the elections the remaining recommendations of the Committee were approved, including the following

· That each prospective Erskine Board nominee be furnished with a list of documents containing information each Board member must know and, after reading, send the Committee on Nominations an affidavit of having read the material and agree to implement them.

· That each Presbytery be reminded to consider appointing an alternate representative to Synod’s Committee on Nominations

· That Presbyteries and Sessions make Recommendations for Service in the fall time frame.

Following the report, a prayer was offered for blessing of all those elected to serve on the various Boards and Committees.

The vote was then taken to choose the Moderator-Elect for 2011. Ballots were distributed, collected, and counted. The Reverend Andy Putnam was elected and briefly addressed the Synod. (A more detailed report concern Mr. Putnam will be completed and posted as soon as possible.)

The Moderator-Elect placed the name of the Reverend Paul Patrick in nomination to serve as Vice Moderator-Elect for 2011. He was elected by acclamation.

The Moderator Elect resigned as Parliamentarian effective July 1 and suggested the Reverend Vaughn Hathaway be elected as his replacement. He was elected by acclamation.

The Orders of the Day being completed, the Synod returned to discussion of the Report of the Erskine Board. Again, this was previously reported in a separate story.