Regional Synod in Northeast India breaks ties with PCUSA over homosexual clergy and same-sex marriage

The Presbyterian Church of India “traces its origin to the Welsh Presbyterian Church Mission and is concentrated mainly in the northeastern states. Insurgent underground groups have been active in all except one of the seven states in northeast India, and the church has an important role to play in promoting peace and harmony. Its primary mission focuses are evangelism and church development.”


The Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod has ended its relationship with the Presbyterian Church (USA) because of the latter’s acceptance of homosexual clergy and its push to approve same-sex marriage.

The Mizoram Synod, the largest church in the Mizoram state in Northeast India, is one of the seven constituent bodies of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of India (PCI).

“Presently, the Presbyterian Church (USA) openly ordains homosexual ministers and also officiates same-sex weddings. We are in complete disagreement over such decisions that have serious practical ramifications. We hence have decided to end our partnership with them,” the Rev. Malsawmtluanga, a member of the Mizoram Synod Executive Committee, told Christian Today.

The partnership between the two denominations began in 1999 and includes training programs, theological education and social concerns.

The Mizoram Synod discussed ending ties with the PCUSA at its February meeting, but it was at the June 8 meeting of the 239th Synod Executive Committee (SEC) that the decision was made. The SEC is the second-highest decision-making body of the Presbyterian Church.

According to Christian Today, “Members of the SEC said the ordaining of gay ministers and consent to same-sex marriages were the principal reasons behind the fall out as it is was ‘against the Biblical truth.’”

Secretary of the SEC and church elder D P Biakkhuma, told the Times of India that the two Presbyterian denominations have maintained cordial relations for more than a decade, but the Mizoram church felt compelled to sever ties due to differences on one basic doctrine. “We, the members of Presbyterian Church of Mizoram, cannot accept ordination of homosexual people as pastors and regard homosexuality as against the teachings of the Bible and Christianity,” he said.

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