Recovering Confession

5 reasons to confess our sins regularly to God

I don’t hear much talk about confession these days. There was a time when any good book on Christian piety dealt with it. Confession used to occupy an important place in the liturgy of corporate worship. But outside of a general admission that we are sinners, or the specific confession of the one “big sin” in our life, confession seems to have become something largely forgotten. 

Maybe this is because we believe that since God knows our sins and has forgiven us of our transgressions in Christ there is no real need to continue to confess. I want to offer a few posts encouraging a recovery of the practice starting with 5 reasons to confess our sins regularly to God. The following is adapted from John Bunyan’s catechism, Instruction for the Ignorant.

Why Should We Confess Our Sins?

1. Confession Acknowledges God’s Place and Authority In our Lives

“By a sincere and hearty confession of sin thou acknowledgest God to be thy Sovereign Lord, and that he hath right to impose his law upon thee (Ex. 20).”

2. Confession Agrees With God’s Judgment Against Sin

“By confessing thy sin, thou subscribest to his righteous judgments that are pronounced against it (Psa 51:3,4).”

3. Confession Admits We Are Unworthy of God’s Grace

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