Recently Passed Notable Christian Leaders

Following is a list of some notable Christian leaders who have recently died. Go to the Read More section for more details and links to full obituaries.

Geoffrey W. Bromiley, theologian
Ernest W. Lefever, Ethics and Public Policy Center
Bob Lehnhart, Mission Aviation Fellowship/Airserv
Graham Stanton, New Testament scholar
Frank Toews, Africa Inland Mission
Mary Vanden Bosch, Bethany Christian Services

Geoffrey W. Bromiley, Professor Emeritus at Fuller Seminary, theologian and translator of works by Karl Barth and Ernst Käsemann into English. He was 94.
Ernest W. Lefever, a Protestant minister, scholar and self-described “compassionate realist” whom a Senate panel in 1981 rejected as President Ronald Reagan’s choice to lead his new administration’s human rights efforts, died near York, Pa. He was 89.
Bob Lehnhart, former Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot and founder of AirServ, died from a boating accident in Alaska. He was 76.
Graham Stanton, died of cancer aged 69, was one of the best known, internationally respected and admired New Testament scholars of his generation. His many students at King’s College London and, latterly, at Cambridge University, remember him as a gracious leader and counsellor, and his doctoral postgraduates fill many teaching posts around the world. He was 69.
Frank Toews, missionary pilot for Africa Inland Mission, in a plane crash 1 in Nairobi, Kenya. He had flown for the air transport ministry since 2003. He was 35. In a mission newsletter a few years ago, Frank was quoted as saying: “How much as following Jesus cost us?…For some of us it will mean paying the ultimate price”.

Mary Vanden Bosch, co-founder of Bethany Christian Services, the largest adoption agency in the U.S. She was 93.

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