Purity Is Possible

A review of Helen Thorne's book, Purity Is Possible: How to Live Free of the Fantasy Trap.

For one reason or another there continues to be far more stigma attached to a woman’s struggle with purity than a man’s. Because the social cost is higher, admitting the struggle and crying out for help becomes that much more difficult. I trust that through this book and others we will be able to admit together that lust is not only an issue that men struggle with. I trust that this book can help many women admit their struggle, battle their sin, and find true victory over it.


I am often asked where the Christian book market is lacking. While there are certain topics that have been addressed by a multitude of good books (e.g. prayer, marriage, evangelism) there must be a few that have yet to receive substantial attention. For a long time I have pointed to the lack of good books on sexual purity that are targeted at women. Thankfully, Christian publishers are beginning to address the issue, and to address it well.

We all know that we live in an increasingly pornified culture, where what was once shockingly pornographic is now considered humdrum and hardly worthy of comment. We all know that pornography is a plague that has effected an entire generation of young men. But all the attention focused on men may mask the fact that many women struggle as well. Some studies suggest as many as one in five women regularly access pornography; The Fifty Shades of Greyphenomenon showed that women are eager to buy and read erotica. Yet, while lust is an equal-opportunity sin, the great majority of resources are directed at men.

New from author Helen Thorne is Purity Is Possible: How to Live Free of the Fantasy Trap. This book addresses fantasy, erotica and pornography, and does so from a female perspective. Thorne is transparent (but not vulgar) in describing her own struggles with lust and in sharing how she has gained increased victory over the sin. She writes in a friendly and conversational tone, inviting the readers to join her arm-in-arm as they pursue purity together.

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