Public Trust of Pastors at an All-Time Low

37 percent is the lowest rating pastors have received in the history of the Gallup survey.

This year marked the first time since Gallup began surveying Americans about trust of various occupations in 1977 that fewer than 4 in 10 gave clergy the highest ratings. In 1985, 67 percent said clergy had high or very high honesty and ethical standards—the high-water mark for the profession. 


Americans trust those delivering shots more than those delivering sermons, according to new research from Gallup.

Nurses and medical doctors top the list of the most trusted occupations, while clergy continue to fall.

Eighty-four percent of Americans rate the honesty and ethical standards of nurses as “very high” or “high,” earning the highest marks for the 17th consecutive year.

Around two-thirds say the same about medical doctors (67 percent) and pharmacists (66 percent). More than half of Americans rate highly the ethical standards of high school teachers (60 percent) and police officers (54 percent).

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