Presbyterian Church in America installs four new ministers in Fredericksburg

Each of the new churches grew out of New Life in Christ Church of Fredericksburg, VA

Another minister new to the area, Rev. Leon Brown, will preach at New City Fellowship in downtown Fredericksburg. Sexton said one of the missions of that congregation has been to advance multicultural outreach, which Brown will work on. Brown also will serve as an adjunct instructor of Old Testament and Hebrew at the New Geneva Seminary in Fredericksburg.


The Presbyterian Church in America plans to plant 10 churches in the Fredericksburg area in 10 years, and the installation of several new ministers reflects growth that’s already under way.

The northern region of the James River Presbytery, where Fredericksburg is located, recently received four new reverends. And its second new church—Evident Grace Fellowship in Massaponax—should be ready to receive parishioners by mid-March.

In January, the Rev. Gary Sexton was installed as assistant pastor for congregational care ministries at New Life in Church in Fredericksburg. Sexton said the growth shows an exciting boom in activity for the PCA, and allows them to offer more pastoral care services.

“Each of the men have a piece of the message for installing reformed gospel churches in the area,” he said.

Richard Leino, a retired Marine Corps officer, will now serve as an Elder in the Hope of Christ congregation in Stafford. The congregation is one of the new churches planted by the PCA and meets at Colonial Forge High School.

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