PCA’s Defiant Greg Johnson Scheduled to Speak Revoice 2020 as PCA Splits

No denomination has grown in reach or numbers after embracing “gay Christianity” or gay marriage.

It appears the activists in the Revoice movement are excited that their movement is helping split one of the conservative denominations in America. PCA Pastor Greg Johnson may even be flaunting it.


Some Revoice History

The idea of “LGBTQ Thriving in Historic Christian Tradition” is the theme of Revoice .The movement began in 2017 as Nate Collins teacher of the New Testament at  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Albert Mohler, President) and Presbyterian Church of America pastor Scott Sauls (Tim Keller protege’) traveled from Nashville to St Louis to join a fervent team of  Covenant Theological Seminary (PCA) graduates and activist to plan the 2018 debut Revoice event.

The controversy  created by the brazen promotion of LGBT+ “Christianity” has continued through two SBC annual meetings and two PCA General Assemblies. The SBC leaders most closely associated with Revoice may be making strides in their efforts to hide Revoice SBC origins. Albert Mohler of SBTS educated and employed Revoice founder while Russell Moore’s ERLC team has endorsed Revoice and one ERLC consultant has both spoken in the 2018 and 2019 events and taken a leadership role in it. a Team of PCA faithful have taken the issue head on.

Most recently Revoice leaders Nate Collins and Preston Sprinkle have joined the push for “Fairness for All” legislation which is a push calling for Christians to support “compromise with Religious Liberty and LGBTQ Rights.” One of “Vulture Capitalist” Paul Singer’s organizations American Unity Fund is the force and funding behind Fairness for All. Singer is the billionaire who has focused his foundations and political PACs on ending GOP opposition to to Gay Marriage and is funding the Human Rights Campaign push for the Equality Act—the dream list for LGBTQ total equality and protections with no consideration of Religious Liberty protections. So, Singer is investing in the Equality Act and hedging his investment by supporting Fairness for All. The exemptions and protections  offered to the church and ministries in Fairness for All are both token and temporary. In reality there is no possible compromise with LGBTQ rights and Religious Liberty extended to any person, church, organization or denomination holding to Biblical marriage and sexuality.

Revoice has been a movement in part to soften up the SBC/PCA and other conservative denominations and churches toward LGBTQ “inclusion” in the church and possibly further sentiments of support for the Fairness for All “compromise.” This is how it works in the world of highly financed activism. These movements are playing the long game AND have serious funding behind them like that of Paul Singer. Given that the “rights” of gays and lesbians have been marketed in the SBC and PCA for some time as a Social Justice Issue—it is easy to make the honest assertion that denominational and seminary leaders look to be fully signed on to moving the church toward Fairness for All or something like it.

Responses to Revoice

Most other conservative Evangelical responses to Revoice have been weak with the exception of the God’s Voice Conference in February 2019 of which this writer was a part in both organizing and speaking at the event. God’s Voice 2019 EXPOSED  the errors of Revoice and the SBC powerhouse Albert Mohler’s influence educating and employing the Revoice founder Nate Collins. God’s Voice also provided clear and powerful case for the promise of transformation for people wanting out of the LGBTQ lifestyle and bondage by the power of the Gospel and Salvation through Jesus. God’s Voice Conference asserted that God’s “voice” on matters of human sexuality and redemption did not need “revoiced” and provided testimonies to prove it.


“Why God’s Voice

“In May 2018, Southern Baptist evangelist and writer Tom Littleton began warning Christians about the impending debut of a conference called “Revoice.” Soon, the Christian world learned the truth about Revoice’s unbiblical messaging and terminology, like “LGBT+ Christians,” “sexual minorities,” “sexual orientation,” “mixed-orientation marriages,” “redeeming queer culture,” and “race, sexuality, and intersectionality.”

God’s Voice 2020 Uncertain Future

Originally a 2020 event for God’s Voice Conference was not scheduled after key members had left its leadership team. In September 2019 a partial God’s Voice leadership Team had re- assembled minus this writer who was notified without consultation via email. This writer had both broken the 2018 Revoice story and did most of the investigation into it’s links in to the Southern Baptist, Albert Mohler (SBTS), the ERLC team and to the PCA/ Covenant Theological Seminary St Louis.

The 2020 God’s Voice Conference is speaking not to Revoice but to “LGBTQ Tyranny” and will reportedly give an update on the impact of Revoice in the PCA while NOT touching on its actual origins in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary of Albert Mohler. This is according to its press release and updates.

The event will also focus on political resistance to the Equality Act and will host numerous ministries who do “ex gay” counseling. Such counseling it a major target of the Equality Act and may find some limited “protections” in the Fairness for All alternative.

Meanwhile Revoice in the SBC looks to be buried and Albert Mohler who is running for SBC President in Orlando 2020 is receiving plenty of cover from Revoice origins exposure all around. This writer’s entire archives of over 10 months of research have been deleted/removed from one website associated with God’s Voice Conference 2020. Revoice 2019 in the SBC and efforts to rally support for an SBC Resolution condemning Revoice in the Southern Baptist 2019 were also buried in the same push back effort.

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