PCA Missouri Presbytery overwhelmingly finds Teaching Elder Jeff Meyers not guilty of charges against his views on theology

Reports from several sources have indicated that Missouri Presbytery held a trial on Friday, April 13 and Saturday 14 in the case of Pastor Jeffrey Meyers with a result of not-guilty of all charges.

Based on info provided by blogger Wes White, the following charges were presented to the Presbytery, along with the actual vote on each charge. [Editor’s note: the original URL (link) referenced is no longer valid, so the link has been removed.]

That TE Meyers has taught and defended “a view of covenant theology that is contrary to the covenant of works and covenant of grace distinction as set forth in the Westminster Standards.”

Verdict: 3-G, 39-NG, 0-A

That TE Meyers has taught and defended “a view that denies the imputation of the active obedience of Christ contrary to the Westminster Standards.”

Verdict: 0-G, 40-NG, 2-A

That TE Meyers has taught and defended “a view that baptism effects a saving, covenantal union with Christ, and that such union occurs with all the baptized, thus creating a parallel soteriological system contrary to the Westminster Standards.”

Verdict: 1-G, 41-NG, 0-A

That TE Meyers has taught and defended “a view that some can receive saving benefits and then lose them thereby overturning the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints contrary to the Westminster Standards.”

Verdict: 2-G, 39-NG, 1-A

That TE Meyers has taught and defended “a view that justification is not by faith alone, but by personal loyalty to the covenant, which is a form of works-righteousness, and is contrary to the Westminster Standards.”

Verdict: 1-G, 41-NG, 0-A

As previously reported on The Aquila Report, a panel of five members of the PCA Standing Judicial Commission was assigned action on a complaint brought by 5 Teaching Elders and 5 Ruling Elders in Missouri Presbytery (MOP), claiming that the Presbytery erred in its decisions concerning its dealing with matters regarding the theological teachings of Meyers. Meeting in early October, the panel recommended upholding that complaint and ordering Missouri Presbytery to proceed to a trial. That recommendation was slated for approval by the full SJC at its regular meeting in early March.

However, in anticipation of the approval of that recommendation by the full SJC, TE Meyers formally requested that the Presbytery immediately proceed with a trial to settle the issue before them. At their meeting on January 17th, the Presbytery agreed to hear the case before the full Presbytery (rather than a Commission) and set the date for the first meeting (the PCA version of an arraignment) for February 10, to be following by the second meeting (actual trial) for February 24-25 (assuming TE Meyers would plead not guilty). TE Tim Herrera, a member of the Presbytery who had been one of the complaintants to the SJC, was assigned as prosecutor. (The Presbytery later added a second TE to assist Herrera, TE Jay Bennett.)

At the first meeting (February 10) TE Herrera reported that he could not prepare for a trial in the short period from his assignment (January 17) and start of the trial (February 24). He asked for a month delay for the first meeting and a summer schedule for the trial. The Presbytery approved delaying the actual first meeting until March 22nd to present the charges, but re-set the trial date for April 13-14, denying Herrera’s request for a summer trial which would have allowed more time for preparation.

The trial took place, as scheduled on the 13-14 of April resulting in the not guilty verdict. The Presbytery agreed to not release any other information until the full transcript of the proceedings are complete, which is hoped to be in the near future. We will publish that as soon as it is received.


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