PCA Leaders Comment on the Legacy of Bethany Christian Services Co-Founder

In response to the announcement of the death of Mary Vanden Bosch, co-founder of Bethany Christian Services, two PCA ministers who worked with her reflected on her life and recounted her legacy.

Fred Marsh, Associate Coordinator of Mission to North America (MNA), who served in the late 80s and early 90s as a Southeast Region coordinator for Bethany, stated: “The vision of Mary Vanden Bosch and her colleague Marguerite Bonnema for the loving care of homeless children was bold. Yet it was only a small beginning. God has multiplied that vision over and over since 1944, bringing many children into Christian families, and offering Christ’s mercies to many when faced with a wide variety of personal crises. Their lives are always a wonderful reminder of how many might ultimately be changed through simple obedience to our Lord’s call to love the least among us.”

Charles Dunahoo, Coordinator of Christian Education for the PCA (CE&P), who served for 9 years as a member of the National Board of Bethany Christian Services, recalled: “Not only is Bethany Christian Service the oldest Christian adoption agency in America, it is one of the finest, demonstrating through the years the heart of the co-founders for both children and families and how to bring those searching for each other together. Through the beginning efforts of the founders, of which Mary Vanden Bosch was one, hundreds even thousands of children have been placed in Christian homes, not only in America but from many foreign countries as well. The high Christian standards developed at the beginning have continued to distinguish Bethany in the lives of so many people. Her efforts have also impacted the PCA as a denomination because Bethany is one of our official partners in ministry