PCA General Assembly Approves the Nashville Statement as a Faithful Declaration on Biblical Sexuality

In response to issues raised by Revoice and its impact in the PCA, the General Assembly approved, 803-541, the Nashville Statement; and the appointment of a study committee.

At its 47th General Assembly meeting in Dallas, Texas, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) approved the Nashville Statement as being a biblically faithful declaration on the matter of biblical sexual ethics. The PCA GA was responding to questions and issues raised throughout the church arising from the Revoice Conference that was held in St. Louis, Mo., in July 2018. Eleven presbyteries filed overtures with the General Assembly requesting it to provide responses and guidance for the PCA arising from Revoice.


The General Assembly specifically responded to Overture 4 that had been submitted by Calvary Presbytery in South Carolina. The Overture asked “the 47th General Assembly to declare the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood’s Nashville Statement on biblical sexuality as a biblically faithful declaration….”


After lengthy debate on the recommendation of the Overtures Committee to answer Overture 4 in the affirmative, the General Assembly approved it by a vote of 803-541.


The GA also accepted the recommendation of the Overtures Committee to answer Overture 42, “Establish Study Committee on Sexuality,” in the affirmative as amended. As is the custom in the PCA, the Moderator will appoint the members of the study committee.


All of the other overtures were answered with reference to Overture 4. The exception was Overture 11 “Commend and Distribute RPCNA’s ‘Contemporary Perspectives on Sexual Orientation: A Theological and Pastoral Analysis,’” which was answered in the affirmative with some amendments.