No Signal. This Is Bad.

Without staying sensitive to the Spirit and walking with our Savior, we place ourselves in a very tough situation.

The problem spiritually never begins with the signal. Essentially, our ultimate signal is the power and work of the Holy Spirit. When I seemed lost and out of touch spiritually, the problem starts with me. I put myself in a situation where there is minimal hope of receiving the signal well.


Nighttime driving. Country road. Unfamiliar area. A place to be. Oncoming storm. No Signal.

That sinking feeling. Not sure where to go, not sure what direction is next, not sure when the storm will hit, not sure why there’s no signal.

How can my GPS work if there is no signal? It can’t.

There’s three things on my mind…

One, I do not really know where I am going.

I am so used of depending upon my GPS, I failed to even look at the entire route. I know where I started but do not know where I am going. I generally know but it is going to take some work. In one sense, I’m in a fog feeling nearly lost. I know the end of the trip but do not know all the turns along the way.

Two, I am concerned about the oncoming storm.

Over the past minutes before losing signal, several watches and warnings popped up on the phone. A major system is moving west to east. I’m sure the system continues to blow my way; however, I do not know where I am at in terms of locations. Who knows how bad the storm will actually be? How long will the storm last? Further, what dangers does the storm hold?

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