My Boring Testimony

I don't remember a time not knowing I was a sinner. Seriously, I've always understood that Christ died for me.

They are great stories of God who goes and saves His people out of their bondage. But sometimes, God is a God to us and to our children. Sometimes, He is just keeping His covenant promises. He doesn’t need a Damascus road but, rather puts us in families where, like Timothy, we’ve always known the Scriptures.


Maybe it’s my Evangelical, Missionary Baptist upbringing, but I’ve always loathed my boring testimony. When I was a pre-teen, I went to church camp pretty regular. Every night there was some sort of late-night activity: movie night, skit night, musical night, etc. But one year, we were greeted with “testimony night.” This is where people get up in front of everyone, tell about who they were before getting saved and who they are now. This, by the way, is what introverts think of when they imagine what hell will be like. Either publicly confessing all your sins so that every stranger in a crowded room of peers and adults know your darkest secrets or an eternity of Stand and Greet Your Neighbor Time and you don’t know anyone.

I never got up. Not just because it’s terrifying but also because I didn’t have a very good testimony. It’s boring. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve absolutely come to a place where I’ve realized that I am a sinner and without Christ, lost without hope.

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