Millennials Value Tolerance Over Freedom

Millennials need to remember one day they can be in a situation where they must choose between their conscience and culture

Millennials need to actively engage in the fight because slight infringements on one’s conscience can eventually affect more than just Christians. Eroding protections for conscience will compromise the freedom of all people of faiths-regardless of religion-and anyone who holds deep-seated beliefs of any kind. The targeting of religious objectors in the name of tolerance can happen to anyone.


Religious Americans fortunately live in a nation with a long history of maintaining safeguards against the government persecuting private citizens. But freedoms– including religious freedom– can be lost without vigilance. Various devout Americans have endured legal trials to preserve their God-given right to actively live according to their religion.

This has resulted, at least in part, from progressives attempting to build barriers keeping religion from the public square. Who are the religious warriors today knocking these barriers down?

According to various polls, such as the Fund for American Studies, 93 percent of Millennials overwhelmingly claim to support religious liberty. However, according to The Federalist, when one breaks down the poll Millennials seem to misunderstand what religious liberty entails. When given the statement:

Business owners should have the right to refuse service to people when certain practices are not in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Only 43 percent support the above statement while 53 percent oppose it. Breaking it down further only 28 percent fully support the statement while 41 percent strongly oppose. However, 93 percent “support” religious liberty. Religious liberty involves allowing spiritual individuals to live out their faith. Similar to other rights, this is not an absolute right there are limits. For example, one cannot use religion as an excuse to inflict violence on another.

As a young conservative Christian, religious liberty fundamentally influences my everyday life. Similar to other religious believers, Christians do not leave their convictions home as they go into the public square, it is a way of life. Therefore, why are religious Millennials not supportive about the various religious organizations and individuals fighting in the courts for their freedom?

One reason is the wave of equality and tolerance sweeping the millennial generation, which has caused many to choose tolerance over religious conscientious objections. Pew Research Center, reports 40 percent of millennials believe government should be able to prevent people from saying offensive things to minority groups. A devout individual objecting to taking photos at a same-sex wedding could qualify for being offensive to a minority group. Thus, Millennials either keep quiet to be perceived as “tolerant” or supposedly fight for equality.

I decided to ask some conservative Christian Millennials why they think their generation pays such little attention to religious liberty, particularly in America.

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