Letter sent to Missouri Presbytery (PCA) reporting a member who may hold erroneous Federal Vision views

“…our General Assembly passed its own study report in which it reminded the Presbyteries of the PCA “that it is their duty ‘to exercise care over those subject to their authority’ and ‘to condemn erroneous opinions which injure the purity or peace of the Church’”

On March 22nd a letter, signed by 29 individuals representing 12 separate Presbyteries send a letter seeking an investigation on the part of Missouri Presbytery into the views of TE Jeffrey Meyers, a pastor in the St. Louis area.

The signers included 15 Teaching Elders, 12 Ruling Elders and two non-ordained individuals, all men.

In the letter the signers indicated that they are aware of ‘reports’ concerning the teaching of Pastor Meyers in the area of theology commonly referred to as Federal Vision Theology. Specifically, they list the following six areas of concern:
1. He denies the bi-covenantal structure of the Standards.
2. He rejects the idea that Christ’s merits are imputed to us.
3. He affirms that baptism effects a saving, covenantal union with Christ.
4. He affirms that this saving union occurs with all the baptized.
5. He denies that all who are saved will ultimately end up in heaven.
6. He rejects justification by faith alone (see attached document below for further explanation).

Along with the letter the signers attached a four page document in which they present details of these ‘reports’, in several cases quoting Meyers own public writing excerpts, as well as from Meyers own web site.

In the letter the signers ask that the Presbytery “investigate these reports as required under BCO 31-2 to determine whether they are true or not.”

The Aquila Report contacted the Stated Clerk of Missouri Presbytery to confirm that the letter had been received and to inquire as the possible assignment of such correspondence within the Presbytery. When asked to confirm that he had received the letter, the Clerk responded that the Presbytery Moderator asked that the Clerk “not respond to any inquiries regarding this issue at this time.”

A complete copy of the letter, including the signatures, as well as the reference material cited, is available for reading on The Aquila Report at: http://theaquilareport.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1772:letter-of-charges-sent-to-missouri-presbytery&catid=49:people&Itemid=132