Is It Right Because It Works?

The prosperity gospel is simply a false gospel. And a false gospel is no gospel at all.

God had revealed Himself to His people through Moses. They weren’t strangers to His laws. They were not ignorant of His commands. They knew who He was. They were knowledgeable folks. And this knowledge was meant to guide them when false prophets would attempt to woo them into idolatry through false signs and wonders. Because what works—results that could be mind-blowing and amazing—may not be from God.


I recently wrote an article about my experience with the prosperity gospel. While writing that article, several thoughts came to my mind. Is it okay to condemn a movement simply because it didn’t work for me? Would I embrace an idea because I have seen it work for others? Are results the only litmus test for truth? In this follow up post, I’ll try to answer some of those questions.

I must confess upfront that there were days when the prosperity gospel “worked” for me. I remember sowing seeds that seemed to have brought bountiful harvests. I had testimonies of supernatural open doors after I obeyed certain principles. I experienced certain unexplainable breakthroughs, the kind that leaves one at a loss for words.

I believed every material blessing I saw in my life was a product of spiritual laws at work. Nothing happened by chance. I had to sow before I could reap, and I had to prepare for my harvest. Can a farmer expect a harvest when he hasn’t sowed any seeds? Or expect much harvest while sowing on unprepared soil?

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