Interrelated Revelation

The history of the world and the church, geography, politics, economics, personal interactions, and psychology are necessary ingredients so as to appreciate what God says in Scripture.

“While the revelation of God in creation and providence is incapable of leading us to salvation, given the presence of sin, it is still necessary in order to understand special revelation. The two elements interact, so much so that neither is complete without the other. As we need Scripture rightly to appreciate general revelation, so creation informs our grasp of special revelation.”


In his Systematic Theology, Robert Letham explains the interrelationship between general and special revelation, when he writes,

“We need special revelation, the Word of God, to understand general revelation properly. This was true before the fall, when Adam received verbal revelation from God as to the nature of his task. It is doubly so once sin entered, the human mind and heart now being inherently biased against God and his goodness.”1

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