Iceland’s Future: Clear, Bright and Cold

I can almost see them standing singing and swaying in unison “We are the world, we are the perfectly selected children!”

The elimination of something is completely different to the elimination of someone in order for that something to itself be eliminated. That’s the language gymnastics of all totalitarianism, whether Left or Right.  What kind of society do we want to live in?  You might not get the choice!


At last a good news story that has the potential to bring the endlessly warring hard Left and the hard Right together.  Iceland  has virtually eliminated Down Syndrome through its program of foetal screening and abortion.

In one fell swoop the eugenics program that once guaranteed the rise of the glorious Ubermenchen of the hard Right has dovetailed perfectly with the obsessive death industry aka “rights industry” of the hard Left.

I can almost see them standing singing and swaying in unison “We are the world, we are the perfectly selected children!”

All this, of course is on the back of a CBS report that details what it calls “the virtual elimination of Down Syndrome in Iceland.”

You can read and watch the report here.

Note the headline:

“What kind of society do you want to live in?”: Inside the country where Down syndrome is disappearing

“Wow!”, I thought when I first read that headline.  What a marvel! What a wonder! What scientific advancement has Iceland discovered to reduce the incidence of Down Syndrome in its population? Why haven’t we been told earlier?  We can actually live in a society without Down Syndrome!  If only Iceland were not so cold, we could all emigrate.

It’s only when you read and watch further that you realise it is not Down Syndrome that is disappearing, merely those unborn children who are proven by screening to either have Down Syndrome or be at risk of it. The headline is a bit clickbaity, and to be fair to CBS, the report is more even handed that I first feared.

But the headline is a subtle, but critical difference in language isn’t it?

And what about the caption beneat the photo?  Just how did seven year old Agusta in the picture above slip through this particular net?

“On average Iceland has two people with Down Syndrome born each year.”

Note the use of the word “people” to describe someone such as Agusta. Somewhere along the line she became a “person” with Down Syndrome. According to the rather warped logic of our culture of death, while Agusta’s  status changed to “person” somewhere during her gestation, her condition remained stubbornly the same.

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