A Review: “The Plan” by Sinclair Ferguson

How many ways can you creatively tell the story of Jesus’ birth? Many authors have placed the story of Christmas into a “make believe” world of animals, or special visitors to give it new inspiration for children. But in The Plan, Sinclair Ferguson uses no gimmicks, yet tells the old, old story in a fresh new way. I am certain the new approach and engaging illustrations will inspire you and children in your life just as it inspired me.

The premise is this: Just as we must plan and prepare for special events, God had a perfect Plan for the coming of His son to earth. The author takes each scene of the Christmas story and describes how a sovereign God works through very intricate details so that Jesus’ birth came to pass just as He planned.

The Wise Men – “It had all been a part of God’s plan. He wanted people from far away to know about Jesus. He still does.”

The Shepherds –”They would need something very special to make them believe that God was telling them to leave their flocks and go and find a baby! So God sent them an angel!” By the way, the angel pictures in this book should initiate great discussion between you and the children concerning what angels really look like.

Mary and Joseph –“Caesar Augustus had no idea that he was part of God’s master plan to send Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.”

The triumph of this book, however, is the natural progression into the gospel message which was God’s plan all along. The last six pages are written as a clear invitation to faith in Christ Jesus following the announcement that Jesus’ return is part of The Plan.

Christmas is the story of God’s love, grace, and redemption through Christ Jesus. Even though The Plan is written for children, the Christmas story has never been told better for any age. I am using The Plan in my children’s church ministry this year, but will probably bring it out again before next Christmas. The lessons on God’s sovereignty and his gift of Jesus are too delightful to leave on the shelf for a year.

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