Hating Science But Loving Murder

It is hard to fully comprehend how deluded our political and legal culture is over the issue of abortion.

I maintain that the cultural war over abortion cannot last forever. As science advances, as more moms (and politicians) see ultra-sound machines, and as the hypocrisy of the “women’s rights” movement continues to be exposed, something has to give. I really believe that future generations (if the Lord tarries) will look back on this era of American history with sheer disbelief. They will ask “how could people have been so malicious towards society’s most vulnerable?”


It is hard to fully comprehend how deluded our political and legal culture is over the issue of abortion. The United States in many ways has become a culture of death—a culture that embraces a mother’s murder of a child as a right, and then defends that right at all costs and against all logic.

Here are three examples of that.

  1. Colorado—where murdering a baby is not crime:

Last month a pregnant woman was attacked by a stranger, and her baby was cut out of her womb. The details to the crime are horrific (here is the CNN story, which is graphic and will not easily get out of your mind). The mom was in her eighth month of pregnancy, her baby was named Aurora, and Aurora did not survive.

Prosecutors in Colorado were considering charging the attacker with murder for Aurora’s death, but they came under intense political pressure from “women’s rights” groups not to, just as the media came under pressure to not use Aurora’s name in their coverage of the story. The logic was simple and revealing: if Aurora had a name, then maybe that might give women in their 8th month of pregnancy pause before they consider abortion.  Moreover, if the attacker could be charged with murder, then how is that any different than what is done “legally” by late-term abortion doctors? So while the attacker will be charged for his violence against the mom, Aurora’s death will go unpunished.

Moreover, when legislators in Colorado tried to fix this obvious loophole in their laws, they proposed a law that would make it a crime to attack a woman and forcibly rip her baby from her. But the pro-choice movement in Colorado pushed back hard against the legislation. Even though the law that was being considered specifically exempted abortion providers and mothers, the pro-abortion movement was not satisfied. Here is perhaps the most revealing quote from the political action committee for the pro-choice movement in Colorado:

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