Getting To The Root

Debates about any and all aspects of Genesis 1-3, like debates about the rest of the Bible’s content, are all rooted in the authority upon which we entrust our reasoning.

He who is God’s word made flesh trusted God’s written word through the power of God’s Spirit, and this has produced salvation. God’s word can and should be trusted. The First and Second Adam (1Cor. 15:45-49) reveal this. Who will you trust?


We are given various historical examples and descriptions of sin in Scripture. One way to describe sin is that it is our rejection of, and rebellion against, having the true and living Triune God as our God. But this does not stop God from being God and ruling over us. The first man, Adam, learned this, as the saying goes, “the hard way.” He learned that it was sinful, even extreme foolishness to trust his own reasoning rather than God’s revelation of truth to him. By his Word and Spirit God created Adam, placed him in creation, gave him a duty within creation and explicit personal communication—revelation—so that he could interpret creation and live in it for his enjoyment, the expansion of the human race and the extension of God’s kingdom. Adam thought he had a better way.

It is not surprising that many will do whatever they can to water-down, if not weed out, the Genesis account regarding Adam. As my mother told me when I used to pull weeds: “Get the root, son, or they will come back.” Alter or abolish the root of the entire storyline of the Bible and you alter or abolish that storyline.

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