So how do we respond to Satan’s devices? We follow the example Jesus gives.

Each of these scenes will erode confidence in Jesus if they linger with no response. Though the descent into unbelief might be less perceptible in scenes 1 and 2, each scene becomes bound to questions such as, “Is he good?” and “Does he care?” These reveal that spiritual warfare has begun in earnest.


Scene #1. I had to get blood drawn recently. The blood was to be used for a procedure in which it would significantly aid healing. A small group of phlebotomists tried one arm, then the other, and then back again. For some reason, I had no blood to give that day.

On the final attempt I prayed earnestly, “Please, Lord, let them hit a vein.” But it was not to be. I was briefly disappointed but my confidence in Jesus was intact.

Scene #2. My wife and I were using bikes that were available at an Airbnb in which we were staying. We had a nice relationship with the owners and wanted to represent Jesus well. We woke up one morning to find one bike stolen. I quickly prayed, “Lord, what a fine story to tell the owners: their bike was stolen but, amazingly, it was found.”

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