Don’t Hit People with the Old Switcheroo

If we only present the good stuff, we’ll end up with a half gospel that misses the reality of the Christian life.

There are obviously great things to proclaim in the gospel. There are great truths to grasp hold of and believe. But we don’t do anybody any favours if we hit them with a salesman pitch and then give them the old switcheroo. Of course, if we only present the things that will be difficult, we will end up with a half gospel that misses those glorious truths. 


One of our large electrical items gave up the ghost a little while ago. When we went to get a new one, the website of our retailer of choice sang the praises of the thing we were going to buy. If their website was to be believed, it was one of the greatest purchases we were ever going to make.

Imagine our surprise, then, when I received a phone call from them after placing an order. It was one of their sales team trying to flog us some insurance. Now, such as they want to do that and I can see how some people might feel happier having it. No problem with them making the call. But I was surprised by their particular sales technique.

Essentially, having sold us the item on the grounds it was one of the best electrical purchases we were ever going to make in our life, without doubt, the insurance team tried to sell us insurance on the grounds it was probably the biggest heap of junk we might ever have the misfortune to own. The company did the old switcheroo on us. They sold us something as awesome and then tried to sell us all their add-ons on the ground it was going to blow up or conk out any given minute.

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