Defy the Culture: Get Married

We are designed for marriage, one man for one woman.

Who doesn’t love a good love story? “They lived happily ever after” is written deeply into the fabric of the cosmos and we all know it to be true: it is the message of the gospel. And we get to proclaim that truth at a Christian wedding. In proclaiming this blessed truth it crushes the sexual errors in our culture. A Christian wedding is a high-octane dose of reality and the reality is very good.


As you look around at the cultural confusion, you might be wondering how to get involved. Where do you start with the kind of mess that is all around us? I have a simple suggestion: get married. And then throw a really big party to celebrate. You might even consider inviting the whole town. I am not being flippant here. This is a serious recommendation and it is a key tactical move in attacking the enemies of darkness. Nothing causes greater consternation in the foe than a godly wedding celebration and a godly marriage.

Over the month of June, the Rainbow Mafia has been inundating us with their brainwashing techniques. And they have been laying it on thick. Business after business has been running Gaystapo ads. And they are super cheesy too. Given this ploy, it is wonderfully defiant to celebrate a Christian wedding.

In this age of sexual perverts, a Christian wedding ceremony is a fantastic grenade to lob at our culture. This kind of grenade accomplishes two things: first, it destroys the folly of the world and second, it exalts the beautiful reality. This is a wonderful way to attack the evil around us. It is a one-two punch that is incredibly winsome. At a Christian wedding, we hear clearly and profoundly the truth of the world: God made us male and female and it is good. He made Adam and Eve for each other. Jesus proclaimed this as Christian marriage in the gospels. This is the reality of the world. All the other perversions are fakes. And those other relationships are ugly and harmful. We get the chance to stand against those errors when we celebrate a Christian wedding.

A Christian wedding also helps orient us in the right direction. We are not merely against those harmful perversions, although we are against them, we are also for the good and beautiful vision of marriage. At a Christian wedding, we get to rally the troops and remind everyone why we fight. We are fighting for the glorious design that God made in giving one man to one woman for life. This union is a blessing not just for two people but for generations of people. We are celebrating how God created this good gift of companionship and fellowship. He designed it and we are blessed to participate in it. This is a good not just for us but for the whole world.

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