We are not to be complacent and sit back and be presented a worship service.

Our society trains us to be complacent in how others live. “You do you and I will do me” is the motto of a whole generation. But the gospel doesn’t allow us to be complacent in relationships. We don’t let relationships just drift along; we pursue people for Christ and we build one another up in Christ. This means we hold our brothers and sisters accountable. We seek to be held accountable by our brothers and sisters. We want to stumble together toward Christ in all we do.


I came across this quote while reading Lewis Allen’s The Preacher’s Catechism. It not only stood out on the page but it burned itself into my mind. I couldn’t shake thinking about it. I couldn’t move past it. Complacency is everywhere. Our churches are infected with it. Our ministries are hindered by it. Our passions are dampened by it.

Complacency is the feeling of self-satisfaction without knowledge or awareness of the dangers or the deficiencies lurking within oneself. Complacency describes the state of so many. They are complacent in their work, relationships, and ambitions, all without realizing that they are headed toward destruction. So many haven’t thought through where this drifting through life is taking them and the answer is nowhere good. 

Complacency is dangerous because it is easy. All you have to do is sit back and go with the flow. To go against the flow requires work, and conflict might be involved. To be complacent is to get along. Complacency doesn’t require discipline. It doesn’t require accountability. It doesn’t require action.

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