Christians, You Are Not Jews

The Sabbath Day is enough. Biblical prayer is enough. God’s Word is enough!

The purpose here is to call Presbyterians, confessional ones particularly, to stop with the adoption of extra-biblical holy days, but especially with the re-appropriation of Old Covenant types and shadows, regardless of whatever “good” motive may lie behind it. Be confident in the Biblical forms of Worship. Be certain that God Almighty in His perfect wisdom has given you all that you need to not only thrive, but survive in this fallen world; resting always in the mighty grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Before I begin into the content of this post I am fairly confident that anyone who might read this is aware of my position on extra-biblical holy days (I’m agin’ ‘em). You are also likely already attentive to the fact I do not take exception to the position of the Westminster Confession of Faith Chapters 1 and 21 as well as the attending Catechism questions surrounding the Second and Fourth Commandments. These are of course part of my vows as an officer of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. I am also aware that the Directory of Worship of the ARP allows for such things, against what the Confession of Faith explicitly teaches. It is what it is. So there really should not be much surprise as to what comes next and what I am going to say. I think we are all aware at this point that I am just not interested in letting others have fun and do things that I do not like, for whatever pharisaical grumpy reason I have invented this week. 😉 So get the eye-rolling out of the way and others are welcome to continue reading.

Christians You Are Not Jews

One of the reasons why I happen to be so adamantly against the invention, however meek and ancient they might be, of new ways to worship God in the New Covenant age is because they all strike at the very sufficiency of the revelation of God for His People. Implicitly what is being said in these things is that there is need of spiritual and emotional uplifting that, for whatever reason, our Heavenly Father has not provided in His Word. Or that the people of God need these additions and/or word pictures to assist in their education in the things of God. In other words the means of Grace and the ordinances provided through the Holy Scriptures must be augmented by various and sundry worship-related imaginations of His creatures, saying through these actions (whether intentionally or not, motive is not really at issue here) that sometimes the pottery needs to help out the Potter. Now, some may take offense at this, and I can understand that, to some degree. No one likes being told they are performing an action that God may or may not particularly welcome. We all want to believe in our heart of hearts that God approves.

But I digress.

Christians You Are Not Jews

To go back over something right quick for the purpose of review in the midst of this post I think would be wise. What is it that the reformed Presbyterians confess concerning the appropriation of Jewish festivals in the New Covenant era? Well seeing that WCF 1.10 says that the supreme judge by which all controversies of religion are to be judged is through the Holy Spirit speaking through the Bible and the Bible explicitly says that the old covenant ceremonies are fulfilled and abrogated in Christ (Read the whole book of Hebrews for more) I think we can rest comfortably in the truth that it is not prudent for Christians in this age, especially for those claiming the name Presbyterian, to be involved in old covenant works, for whatever apparent wisdom they might hold. (Col. 2:20-23).

You are probably wondering at this point what was the impetus for this post. Well one of the things that makes an appearance this time of year, in growing numbers, even in confessionally Reformed circles, is the observation of the Passover Seder. Now a few things need to be said at the outset: 1) The Seder that folks are celebrating in the 21st Century has little-to-no relation to the Seder that Jesus Christ would have celebrated in the 1st Century, 2) The use of the Seder cannot be found (at least positively) in the letters of the Apostles, 3) The Lord’s Supper is not the Passover Seder. There is no good, biblical reason for this to take place in the New Covenant church.

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