Christ is Your Heaven

In heaven we will not see Christ from afar, but see him for he is and as he is.

God could have created worlds upon worlds and no matter how glorious those worlds would be, they would be dim in comparison with the glory of Jesus Christ in heaven. The glory of Christ will fill heaven. A crack in a heavenly wall looking into the face of your savior ought to be enough for you in heaven.


When you think of heaven does your mind primarily meditate on family and friends that have gone before you? It is normal to think of loved ones who have died in the Lord and to look forward to their fellowship again. But how often do your meditations on heaven turn to Christ himself? How often do you long to be before him, and with him, and see him face to face? Do you ever consider this:

Christ himself is your heaven.

In the place that the Bible calls heaven, you will see Jesus Christ face to face.

The Puritan, Thomas Goodwin said, “What will heaven be, but the seeing of the glory of Christ?

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