How LGBT Pride Month Became a Religious Holiday

How did we get to the point where celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism became a month-long event that rivals Christmas?

The roots of LGBT Pride Month extend back to the Gay Pride Marches that began in New York City in 1970 as a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots in Manhattan the previous year. The original march was more of a protest than a celebration, says German Lopez. “There were thousands of people, but there were no... Continue Reading

The War Against Victimhood Starts in Our Own Hearts

The West has embraced victimhood as its standard of righteousness.

One’s victim status is not only the top new currency; it’s also the robe that imputes an impeccable righteousness to its wearer. We are promised: Don this seamless garment, and you’ll be ordained into the cultural priesthood. Arrayed in this technicolor dreamcoat, you’re sure to see your father, mother, brothers, and even the sun, moon, and... Continue Reading

Beware of Bills in Sheep’s Clothing

Given the current legal climate, even those who are moderate on the right to life issue should oppose the Equality Act.

The bill reads “pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition shall not receive less favorable treatment than other physical conditions.” Abortion supporters view pregnancy as a medical condition that is cured by abortion. Abortion would be no different from an appendectomy. Thus HR 5 would overturn the Hyde Amendment that prevents federal money from funding... Continue Reading

Equality = Legal Persecution Of Christians?

By excluding any religious consideration of sexual morality, the federal Equality Act would impose on an entire culture the unhealthy lifestyle of homosexual and transgender sexuality.

If it is passed by the Senate, the Equality Act will amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 by adding to the categories protected by anti-discrimination laws “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI). This new social category of LGBTQ rights would join categories such as race and religion,... Continue Reading

Abortion and Eugenics

This case highlights the fact that abortion is an act rife with the potential for eugenic manipulation.

In the Supreme Court’s May 28 decision in Box v. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, the Court declined to review an Indiana law prohibiting abortions on the basis of race, sex, or disability. Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion, excerpted below, describes the connections between abortion advocacy and eugenics, and the ways in which abortion is... Continue Reading

Can Atheism Ground Human Rights?

Smith simply attempts to establish that, if atheism is true, there is no warrant for believing in a number of things that (most) atheists affirm.

“A naturalistic universe is one that consists of energy and matter and other natural entities, such as vacuums, operating in a closed system in time and space, in which no transcendent, supernatural, divine being or superhuman power exists as creator, sustainer, guide or judge. Such a universe has come to exist by chance – not... Continue Reading

Perpetually Outraged Celebrities Boycott Georgia, Remain Silent On China

While Hollywood boycotts Georgia, its cozy relationship with China fails to stoke the outrage of our perpetually outraged celebrity class.

The logic of the Georgia boycott, prompted by recent legislation banning most abortions, is that it’s unethical to do business inside a state with egregious policies, either to discourage their enactment or avoid enabling their enforcement. What does that mean for China?   I hesitate to use “Hollywood” as a catchall, but the entertainment industry’s... Continue Reading

“Am I A Chinese Woman?” How Questions can Defend the Truth

In adopting this approach we’re not setting ourselves up as the ones with all the answers.

It used to be that this sort of on-the-spot inquisition would only happen if you signed up for something like a political science class. Nowadays we can expect hostile questioners in settings from the coffee shop to the workplace. Whether you proudly walk around wearing a pro-life shirt, or quietly decline having a rainbow flag decorate... Continue Reading

If You’re Defending a Woman’s Right to Kill an Innocent Human Being, You’re Not Pro-Life

There are two serious problems with the personally pro-life position.

The question of when human life begins is a scientific question. And science deals with facts, not feelings. Human life either begins at conception or it doesn’t. This is not the kind of thing that can be true for me but not for you. It’s not a matter of personal preference. Rather, it is an objective feature of reality.   Whenever abortion is in the... Continue Reading

Victimology 101: Rousseau, Victimhood, and Safe-Spaces

Why do you want to be a victim? Why would anyone want to be a victim?

Liberal victimhood is a philosophical position many conservatives believe liberals adhere to, and many liberals themselves maintain that they are in fact victims. Where does this come from? Why would anyone want to be a victim? In the following essay, the rationale for why victimhood is a mainstay of liberal ideology is addressed. Additionally, the... Continue Reading


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