Christian U Flip-Flops on Gay Relationships

At the direction of the Azusa Pacific University’s Board of Trustees, the institution will update its student handbook, striking language in it that barred LGBTQ relationships.

“APU is an open-enrollment institution, which does not require students to be Christian to attend, and the handbook conveys our commitment to treating everyone with Christ-like care and civility,” Mark Stanton said in a statement to the newspaper. “Our values are unchanged and the APU community remains unequivocally biblical in our Christian evangelical identity.”  ... Continue Reading

The West is a Third World Country: The Relevance of Philip Rieff

Rieff is today justly famous for his 1966 book, The Triumph of the Therapeutic: Uses of Faith after Freud.

Cultural conservatives face a time when it is not simply a question of debating the nature of our culture on some commonly agreed foundation. It is a time when we face the complete transformation of our culture into an anti-culture.   Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of this present age is the sheer... Continue Reading

7 Unspoken, Unseen Leadership Traits That Make Leaders Great

Good leadership means a leader does what is best for the team and the organization – not for his or her personal gain – regardless of who gets credit.

Leading well means sometimes what a leader does when the team’s back is turned is more important than what they do in the team’s presence. When they don’t know what the leader is thinking or how he or she will respond — they discover they can still trust the leader.   There are parts of... Continue Reading

Talking About Technology with Your Teen

Ultimately, we want to parent our kids in their use of technology within the biblical values we’ve set for our families. But how do we do that?

If we’re going to assess how technology shapes our families—specifically, our children—we need to think about it because most kids don’t. They live in a world where devices, content, and interaction are all experientially seamless in ways that make it nearly impossible to self-assess the effect of technology on their lives.    In my last BCC... Continue Reading

If It Saves Even One Life

I could think of hundreds of ways we could save more lives than we do.

What is so irritating about it as an argument is that it isn’t really an argument at all. It is more an a prioriassertion. This will save a life and thus it is worth it. Worse, it then casts anyone who demurs as a lover of death and one who is happy to see people killed for the sake of... Continue Reading

Federal Appeals Court OKs Tax-Free Housing For Clergy

A federal appeals court ruled Friday [March 15, 2019] that a law giving clergy tax-free housing allowances is constitutional.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in its Friday ruling that the effect of the 1954 law is “neither to endorse nor to inhibit religion, and it does not cause excessive government entanglement.” The court noted that Congress has been providing federal tax exemptions for religious organizations as far back as 1802.  ... Continue Reading

Acceptance for Pedophiles

A few sexual taboos remain. For now.

Sex with children is still considered a heinous offense.  Revelations of child sexual abuse in churches, no less, still fill most of the public with outrage.  But, according to Stella Mirabito in her Federalist article The Pedophile Project, a movement has begun to legitimize and legalize pedophilia.   One by one, our sexual taboos have been falling.  According... Continue Reading

Murder by Any Other Name

Introducing Fourth-Term Abortion

The infectious pathos, rising from the pit of hell and blackening the darkest periods in human history, is an idea, an idea that a hierarchy of human and subhuman exists. Men who kill men in cold blood lose sleep; men who kill beasts don’t.   How does one group of people murder another and sleep at night? Answer: they don’t.... Continue Reading

Musings on Gender Archetypes, Types and Stereotypes

The archetype is the starting place whereas the stereotype is the end place of narrow, culture-bound application.

Archetypes are built around a certain core principle, which is the summation of a particular gendered abstraction. Stereotypes are a limiting oversimplification or a popularization of gender archetypes, and while stereotypes might partially draw on the archetypes for some element of truth, they end up being much narrower in their application.   Archetypes, born in... Continue Reading

Understanding Critical Theory and Christian Apologetics

Christianity is not merely being dismissed as false; it is being dismissed as immoral and hurtful.

As apologists, it’s not enough for us to understand the arguments for the truth of Christianity. We also need to understand the people to whom we’re speaking. In particular, we need to understand the ideologies that shape their ways of thinking. Critical theory is one such ideology. It is rapidly growing in influence both on college campuses... Continue Reading