You Can’t Hide from Sin City

What does God say is dangerous?

What makes a place Sin City? What dangers exist in Las Vegas that makes it so dangerous? What if I told you there is nothing unique to Las Vegas not found in your city too? In order to answer the question, What makes a place Sin City, we need to evaluate God’s view of sin.... Continue Reading

Infanticide Becomes Justifiable

Over the last few decades, some of the world’s foremost bioethicists have considered baby killing worthy of respectable debate.

Singer has repeatedly argued that since both late-term fetuses and newborn infants lack the cognition required to attain the status of “person,” infanticide should be permitted under the same circumstances in which society permits the abortion of viable fetuses. He is far from alone in tying the morality of infanticide to the ethics of late-term abortion.... Continue Reading

Is Capitalism Based on Greed?

If capitalism is driven by a sinful desire (greed), then it must be rejected as an immoral system.

Such issues have come up again in recent months as a number of new members of congress (and old members) are pushing the country away from capitalism and towards socialism, mostly on moral grounds. Even some well-meaning evangelicals, who have a genuine care for the poor, find themselves drawn to this new movement and its disdain... Continue Reading

The Reproductive Health Act of Horror

The Lies Behind Abortion Without Limits

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) on January 22, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. This law legalizes abortion in New York throughout all nine months of pregnancy, even up to dilation. It repeals the safeguard requiring all abortions be performed by a licensed physician. It decriminalizes all state abortion laws, and it removes all... Continue Reading

T.V. Moore on “God’s University”

Moore takes the Biblical position that we should look to the Scriptures to understand both the problem of and the remedy for juvenile delinquency.

To the extent that the youth of Moore’s day were involved in the common vices of the era, he began exploring the problem by looking at the failure of the family to train its young people in the ways of piety and obedience in the Lord. And although he speaks with conviction about the necessity... Continue Reading

Of Ralph Northam & The Spiritual Darkness All Around Us

Advocating the murder of a live infant is neither shocking or politically disqualifying in 21st century America.

The Virginia governor defended a late term abortion bill proposed in the Virginia House of Delegates by Kathy Tran that would wipe away the current Virginia law that require three doctors to agree on the medical necessity of any late term abortion and would allow the killing of the baby/fetus up to and including when... Continue Reading

The Infanticide Debate

Pro-abortion politicians try to walk back revealing rhetoric.

The Virginia proposal was one of several across the nation to attempt to remove virtually all protections for unborn babies. A law signed last month by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, enshrines abortion as a fundamental right in that state. In 2017, Delaware passed a law that allowed abortion through all nine months of pregnancy and removed... Continue Reading

‘It Was a Miracle’: Freed Pastor Andrew Brunson Celebrated at Big DC Events, Gets to Walk Daughter Down the Aisle

Though it was a time of celebration, Pastor Brunson encouraged the officials that Christian persecution in Turkey is growing.

“There’s a lot of bad stuff happening in Turkey right now, most of it not toward Christians but toward people who are accused of supporting Fethullah Gülen,” Brunson said. “I have many friends in prison in Turkey now who should not be in prison. Many families have been destroyed.” In the midst of intense persecution, the... Continue Reading

Sexual Abuse by Teachers is on the Rise

Just under 500 educators were arrested on the incidences of sexual abuse in schools nationwide in 2015 according to statistics.

Today’s technology makes it easy for predators to discreetly prey on children. Students usually have their phones with them at all times, which allows the perpetrator free and unmonitored access to the child. Even children without cell phones can be targeted through their laptop, tablet, or personal computer.   Lately, it seems like it has... Continue Reading

Church Clarity: Exposing Church Policies and Theologies Affecting How People in Culture Are Perceived

The goal of delivering Church Clarity should appeal to all people, regardless of their particular beliefs, or even if they are not involved with a local congregation.

Powerful institutions tend to operate in ambiguity, rather than in clarity. And churches are no exception. Many churches fail to disclose their actively enforced policies on their websites. Can a woman preach? Will you officiate a same-sex wedding? Hire a queer pastor? Answers to these questions often remain elusive. Ambiguity enables those with power to... Continue Reading