The Age of Terrorism Meets the Era of the Troll

The New Zealand shooter is an extreme example of an increasingly common disaffected person—mostly young men—whose worldview is shaped largely by an evil online culture.

It is not uncommon for terrorists to release a rambling, barely coherent manifesto. And it is usually wise to ignore them, since they only feed the murderer’s desire for attention. But the document left by the New Zealand shooter (whom I will not name) is worth examining, because it gives us insight into a new... Continue Reading

Worshiping the Earth

Humanity has moved away from worshiping the God of the Bible towards goddess worship, the worship of creation or Mother Earth.

Worshipping the creature rather than the creator engenders the wrath of God (Rom. 1:18).  Moreover, it is futile.  All pagan religion, including goddess/Earth worship seeks peace and harmony with nature, thinking that this is the solution to all of humanity’s ills.  But it ignores the fact that the problem really lies in the human heart. ... Continue Reading

That Time We Boycotted E.T.

"If you live by the boycott, you may die by the boycott."

The National Association of Evangelicals joined together to campaign and encourage Christians to not buy the beloved family film as a show of displeasure over the other MCA/Universal film. Their goal was to significantly impact the profits of E.T., the film which MCA would expect Christians to watch, so that it would garner their attention... Continue Reading

Love in the Time of Jordan Peterson

Peterson's ideas have now become influential in the lives of millions of young men and women struggling to make sense of life and love under the neoliberal order.

The Boomers, whatever else they were, were romantics; they frequently did not let being married to others get in the way of their romances. Millennials, on the other hand, increasingly don’t marry at all. Ever. But not, contra Peterson, because they are wild eyed dreamers looking for their soul mates. Rather, because many of them have already internalized the... Continue Reading

A Religion of Activism

Sociology is terminally ill.

Berger described two symptoms of disorder: an anti-humanist fetish for quantification, which began in the mid-twentieth century, and the spread of ideology masquerading as scholarship, a consequence of the cultural revolution of the late 1960s. Much of the quantification he bemoaned complemented the politicization. Today, survey data and complicated statistical methodologies are useful aspects of... Continue Reading

Because There’s No Gospel All Day

I didn’t believe the world was full of anti-gospel messages, but it was. It is. It’s always been.

“You get up in the morning, maybe you read the Bible. Then go to school all day and there’s so many bad messages you’re getting from friends and social media and television and everything. You need to read your Bible because you’re not going to get what you need anywhere else.”   We were sitting... Continue Reading

The End of the Family?

Progressives do not trust in a sovereign God, so they try to create their own ever-new versions of utopia; to undermine the family, they must reject the Genesis narratives.

The temptation is to “self-censor” by falling silent. But to demand silence of believers is like asking the early Christians to burn incense to Caesar as Lord in an active expression of polytheism. We must show love to “non-gender” people while loving our Creator and Father first. We must explain to our Christian children the... Continue Reading

Christians in the Cultural Closet

Every society ancient and modern has closets. What changes are those who inhabit the closets.

Why do people take to hiding in society’s closets? They are shamed into them. Once upon a time society strongly disapproved of sodomy and associated sexual sins. If one admitted one was homosexual, or was “outed” by another, one’s political future was over, or one’s career was ruined, and one was shunned by society.   ... Continue Reading

Are you “Blessed” or “Privileged”?

There’s an important sense in which the two words are actually opposites.

The way the term privileged is used it can seem like a close synonym to blessed. One person says, “I’m blessed to have always had a roof over my head” and another says, “I was privileged to never have to worry about being homeless.” Just a matter of tomato/tomatoh, right? Two terms for the same idea. They Might Seem Close Synonyms... Continue Reading

Yale Law School Yanks Stipends From Students Who Work For Christian Firms

Yale has found a roundabout way to blacklist legal and nonprofit organizations that don't adhere to Yale’s understanding of gender identity.

On March 25, one month after the controversy, Yale Law School announced via email that it was extending its nondiscrimination policy to summer public interest fellowships, postgraduate public interest fellowships, and loan forgiveness for public interest careers. The school will no longer provide financial support for students and graduates who work at organizations that discriminate... Continue Reading