Happy Rosh Hashanah, Christians

The ‘Jewish New Year’ is a day of judgment for all of creation. Yitzchok Adlerstein and Abraham Cooper The High Holiday season that gains fast upon traditional Jews is primarily a time of self-examination and repentance. We scrutinize our deeds and misdeeds, attempting a mid-course correction on the long journey of life. We take stock... Continue Reading

U.S. Conservative Christians Target 16 Democrats

By Ed Stoddard WASHINGTON, Sept 19 (Reuters) – Conservative Christians, a key base for the Republican Party, said on Saturday they were targeting 16 Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in the 2010 congressional elections. Four other Democratic senators and 11 U.S. representatives were on the list, which was released at a summit in... Continue Reading

Schaeffer’s Son Not Repentant

By Julia Duin I still remember the first time I saw Frank Schaeffer, then known in the evangelical Christian world as “Franky,” the son of revered scholar Francis Schaeffer. It was 1983, and Franky, then 31, was giving a rousing speech about laying down one’s life in defense of the unborn to pro-lifers gathered at... Continue Reading

Is the Era of Age Segmentation Over?

A researcher argues that the future of youth ministry will require bringing the generations together. The statistics are grim. Rainer Research estimates that 70 percent of young people leave the church by age 22. Barna Group argues that the figure increases to 80 percent by age 30. The Southern Baptist Convention, America’s largest denomination, recently... Continue Reading

Restoring Civility: Will You Take the Pledge?

Chuck Colson BreakPoint It will probably go down in history as the first presidential speech remembered not for what the President said, but for how a member of his audience responded. Even if you didn’t watch Barack Obama’s health care address last week, I’m sure you’ve heard what happened. Obama had just finished saying that... Continue Reading

People with ‘no religion’ gaining on major denominations

According to USA Today, americans who don’t identify with any religion are now 15% of the USA, but trends in a new study shows they could one day surpass the nation’s largest denominations — including Catholics, now 24% of the nation. American Nones: Profile of the No Religion Population, to be released today by Trinity... Continue Reading

Huckabee Wins Straw Poll of ‘Values Voters’

By: Kevin Eckstrom WASHINGTON (RNS) Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was the clear favorite among attendees of the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in a straw poll of 10 possible Republican presidential candidates in 2012. Huckabee won 28 percent of the 597 votes cast in two days of balloting that ended Saturday (Sept. 19).... Continue Reading

Defending the Innocent: Weapons and Worship

Dr. John Mark Reynolds The Torrey Honors Institute Some New York-area rabbis are planning to bring weapons to High Holy Day services this month to guard against terrorist threats. In June, a Kentucky pastor invited his congregation members to bring their firearms to church to celebrate the Second Amendment. Do weapons belong in worship? Should... Continue Reading

Bad Reviews for Healthcare Reform Proposal

Sen. Max Baucus’ latest proposal for reform draws fire from both Republicans and Democrats | Edward Lee Pitts WASHINGTON—It has not taken long for critics to attack Sen. Max Baucus’ newly released template for healthcare reform. “Not very happy,” “We have to scale back,” “A real hit on middle-class families,” and “Intolerable” have been just... Continue Reading

Transcending the Worship Wars

Bryan Chapell urges Christians to move past musical preferences toward Christ-Centered Worship. Interview by Collin Hansen Bryan Chapell’s book Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon has equipped thousands of pastors with practical counsel and a theological basis for directing their congregations toward Jesus. Now, the president of Covenant Seminary has exhibited the same attention to... Continue Reading