Are U.S. Churches Stingy?

WASHINGTON (RNS) Are U.S. churchgoers stingy? That’s one possible conclusion from a newly updated report that shows if parishioners tithed the biblically recommended 10 percent of their income—instead of their current 2.56 percent—an extra $161 billion would be flowing to charity. The report, published by Illinois-based research firm Empty Tomb, inc., also found that congregations... Continue Reading

NAE Head Opposes Federal Health Care Coverage for Illegal Immigrants

WASHINGTON – Though the National Association of Evangelicals recently voiced its strong support for immigration reform, it does not call for undocumented aliens to be covered in health care reform legislation, says the group’s president. NAE president Leith Anderson told The Christian Post at a press conference on immigration reform last week that his group... Continue Reading

New York school district settles Bible club lawsuit

Lindenhurst Union Free School District on Long Island has settled a lawsuit filed by a student who alleged that officials had violated his civil rights by refusing to let him form a Bible club. The district, which denied the allegation, agreed to pay the high school student, identified in court papers only as “A.Q.,” nominal... Continue Reading

Churches that Split over Race to Worship in Philadelphia

More than two centuries after racial divisions sparked the birth of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the black and white congregations at the center of the split will worship together for the first time in late October in Philadelphia. In the late 1700s, lay preacher Richard Allen and other members walked out of Historic St.... Continue Reading

‘Hate crimes’ bill passed by House could threaten religious freedoms, critics warn

Following the U.S. House’s passage of hate crimes legislation attached to a military spending bill, critics have argued its provisions create “special rights” based on sexual behavior and could threaten religious freedom. They further charged that the provisions’ backers used the military as a “political tool” to achieve their goals. The bill…contained a provision that... Continue Reading

Africa bishops speak of Obama in religious terms

African bishops attending a Vatican meeting are speaking about the election of Barack Obama in divine terms—putting them very much at odds with many of their U.S. counterparts. Archbishop Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle of Accra, Ghana said Wednesday that there was “a divine plan behind” Obama’s election. “It’s like the biblical story repeating itself,” he told... Continue Reading

London church hit by noise abatement notice

A London church has reacted with anger after being issued with a noise abatement order. Following the judgement by magistrates the Immanuel House of Worship church in Walthamstow, north London, will now be restricted to using music for just 20 minutes on a Sunday morning. This week’s ruling followed an inspection by the local council... Continue Reading

Churches Join Up Against Gay Ordination in Scotland

A growing number of churches are joining together against the ordination of a gay minister in Scotland. The Church of Scotland appointed Scott Rennie, a divorced father-of-one who lives with his homosexual partner, as minister of a church in Aberdeen in July. Now a group of like-minded congregations set up to oppose the move says... Continue Reading

Washington Council to Consider Same-Sex Marriage

WASHINGTON, DC – City Council members introduced legislation Tuesday to allow same-sex marriage here. If it passes, as expected, Washington would be the first city below the Mason-Dixon line to allow such unions. The city’s bill is expected to become law by December. But the measure is likely to draw harsh criticism from Congressional Republicans... Continue Reading

Mapping the Global Muslim Population

A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Muslim Population from the Pew Foundation Released October 8, 2009 A comprehensive demographic study of more than 200 countries finds that there are 1.57 billion Muslims of all ages living in the world today, representing 23% of an estimated 2009 world population of 6.8 billion.... Continue Reading