A Man over the Moon

The historic Apollo moon landings still marvel scientists a half-century later, but astronaut Charlie Duke says he’s also learned the heavens declare the glory of God.

Astronauts and astronomers hope remembrances of Apollo 11—and the eight other lunar missions in the Apollo program—ignite fresh interest in scientific careers and space exploration, even as private companies aspire to build space colonies or travel to Mars. Duke hopes the awe-inspiring footage and images will also spark the kind of spiritual wonder he finally embraced... Continue Reading

Scapegoating the Church for LGBT Suicide and Stigma

Our legislators need reminding of both law and science as they rush to scapegoat people of faith—and stigmatize reasoned disagreement—as a primary cause of sexual minority suicidality and depression.

If religious convictions are a major contributor to stigma and suicide, one would expect much lower rates of such in nations with relatively fewer people of orthodox faith. But a 2006 study from the Netherlands noted, “This study suggests that even in a country with a comparatively tolerant climate regarding homosexuality, homosexual men were at much higher... Continue Reading

The Coming Millennial Midlife Crisis

The Millennial generation is not as young as they once were.

Of all generations, it’s the Millennials who have had the deepest sense that it’s their responsibility to save the earth, to better society, to rescue humanity. From childhood they’ve been told that their parents and grandparents broke this world, pillaged its resources, unbalanced its economy, and harmed its people. From grade school they’ve been assured... Continue Reading

The Cracks in the Edifice of Transgender Totalitarianism

The transgender revolution is happening without any credible scientific evidence to support it. The concept of changing one’s biological sex is nonsense, as sex is determined by unalterable chromosomes.

The transgender castle that radicals have constructed by sheer force of will is built on shifting sand without supports of any kind. The wave that will sweep it away is gaining strength. May the time come soon when we will all say, with observers of past hysterias, “How could we have believed that?”   “What... Continue Reading

Is It Bigoted Not to Date Someone Who Is Transgendered?

Sex has to do with nature, and nature always asserts itself and eventually wins out.

Researchers Karen L. Blair and Rhea Ashley Hoskin published their findings in an article Transgender exclusion from the world of dating: Patterns of acceptance and rejection of hypothetical trans dating partners as a function of sexual and gender identity published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.  They asked nearly a thousand participants, in the words... Continue Reading

Academics Questioning “Rationality” & “Reason”

The case against reason and rationality will be presented in the form of arguments that give reasons for these beliefs.

“There is a widespread skepticism about many sorts of knowledge claims today, and this skepticism has been promoted from both the right and the left. The skepticism is largely based on the realization that knowledge is always connected to power. But there is uncertainty about what follows from this: is it still ‘knowledge’?”   Postmodernists... Continue Reading

Marxism: A False Religion that Cannot Deliver on its Promises

No ideology can bear the weight of our eschatological hopes and dreams.

Marx argues that each of these eras was a necessary precursor to a new, socialist, era that would soon dawn. In his view, capitalism would disappear because it undermined human dignity, alienating human beings from the product of our labor, the process of labor, our fellow workers, and even authentic existence itself.   Socialism is... Continue Reading

When All the Good Guys Are Actually Bad Guys

We do seem to be quite prone to thinking of those on the “other side” not in terms of the wisdom of the goals at which they aim but in terms of virtue and vice.

We have been deprived of the opportunity to consider things from the perspective of the other, and thereby to soften our differences, and more frequently find solutions which better balance the various concerns. We tend to deal with by means of “war” what would be better dealt with by means of dialogue.   Does it... Continue Reading

How LGBT Pride Month Became a Religious Holiday

How did we get to the point where celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism became a month-long event that rivals Christmas?

The roots of LGBT Pride Month extend back to the Gay Pride Marches that began in New York City in 1970 as a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots in Manhattan the previous year. The original march was more of a protest than a celebration, says German Lopez. “There were thousands of people, but there were no... Continue Reading

The War Against Victimhood Starts in Our Own Hearts

The West has embraced victimhood as its standard of righteousness.

One’s victim status is not only the top new currency; it’s also the robe that imputes an impeccable righteousness to its wearer. We are promised: Don this seamless garment, and you’ll be ordained into the cultural priesthood. Arrayed in this technicolor dreamcoat, you’re sure to see your father, mother, brothers, and even the sun, moon, and... Continue Reading